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  • Hair Care After Hair Transplant

    If you are wondering what you should do after a hair transplant procedure, you will find the answer to your question in this article. You must be aware that the phase after the procedure is very important and can either help you get the results you were hoping for or do the opposite!

    In the post-surgery phase, the newly implanted grafts need special care to stay in place and produce hair. There are some points that need to be taken care of during the procedure to help the scalp heal and protect it from possible infections.

    At EHT, we make sure that our patients take due care and follow instructions to achieve the end results we all hope for. Read on as we guide you during the healing phase.

    What happens after a hair transplant procedure?

    Hair transplantation usually takes about 6 to 8 hours. After the extraction, the doctor applies the necessary medication to the area to protect it from infection and covers it with bandages to keep it covered until the first day of washing.

    When does the first hair wash happen? 

    In the first 48 hours after hair transplantation, the scalp must be kept dry, then the first hair washing can be done, but very carefully. Usually the doctor performs the first hair washing for the patient.

    The doctor starts by carefully removing the head bandages and then sprays the recipient area with panthenol only, which moisturizes the new hair grafts and softens the scalp. The panthenol layer must be maintained for 30 to 40 minutes, and before washing the scalp with water at very low pressure, the physician taps the recipient area to ensure that all grafts receive the required amount of panthenol. During the first hair wash, the physician allows the water to perform the rinse without applying additional pressure to the grafts.

    What happens after the first hair wash? 

    Hair washing must be continued for 10 consecutive days using the same technique. The patient must wash the scalp gently, without applying pressure to the scalp, as this could affect the hair grafts and cause irreversible damage. The patient must use only the hair care products prescribed by his doctor for up to six months avoiding hair styling products.

    Does the hair wash technique change after the 10th day? 

    Yes, after the 10th day of the hair transplant procedure, the hair washing method must be changed and the scalp must be scrubbed gently. During the healing period, scabs will form to protect the incisions from infection. However, if the scab has not been removed after 10 days, the hair will not grow towards the surface of the skin, but will curl downwards, resulting in ingrown hairs, pimples and infections.

    What are the domestic activities that you must avoid after a hair transplant procedure? 

    During the first 7 to 14 days after hair transplantation, everything that causes high blood pressure or sweating, or generally increases the pressure on the hair grafts, must be avoided. Intimate relationships must be avoided as this is a physical activity that increases blood pressure and therefore affects the hair grafts. Also, the patient must sleep with the head elevated for the first 7 days to protect the scalp from any damage while sleeping. It is advisable not to carry heavy objects such as laundry baskets or push furniture such as beds, sofas or tables. Try not to be in the kitchen when the oven is on, as the heat will cause sweating and could damage the newly implanted grafts.

    What are the sports that must be avoided after a hair transplant procedure? 

    Returning to an athletic lifestyle must be one of your priorities after hair transplantation. However, you will have to wait for some time before you can go back to the gym! After relaxing for 7 days and perhaps going to the office, you can start light exercise, such as walking, but at a moderate to low pace so you don’t break a sweat. Patients must stay away from intense sports such as weightlifting for 30 to 40 days, and it will take the same amount of time before they are allowed to swim. These instructions are for the safety of the newly implanted hair grafts and to achieve the expected results.

    How will your life be after the hair transplant procedure? 

    We advise our patients not to smoke or drink alcohol immediately after hair transplantation, but to wait at least 14 days. Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages prolong the healing time and delay the result.

    Overall, after a few weeks, patients can resume the same lifestyle they had before the hair transplant. Once the results are visible, patients will definitely notice that their self-confidence has increased, which will help them to achieve their goals more confidently.