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    Refractive surgery is type of treatment that applied to ensure that people who cannot see clearly can see clearly without glasses or contact lenses.Refractive surgery is most commonly used in astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia treatment.


    The rays coming from the external environment focus on the yellow spot responsible for sharp vision. Refractive error is the name given to the focus of rays at a different point. Refractive errors are examined in 3 different groups. Hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism.


    Myopia is a genetic disorder. It can be noticed between the ages of 8 and 12. People with this condition cannot see distant objects. Myopia continues to grow after the 20s. Vision quality deteriorates more and more. The reason for the occurrence of this disorder is that the anterior-posterior diameter of the eye is more than normal or the eye corneal layer is extremely steep.


    Patients with hyperopia visual impairment have difficulty seeing nearby objects. Those patients have no problem seeing distant objects. Hypermetropia is seen in those with a flat corneal layer and a small posterior diameter. Hypermetropia is a hereditary disorder.


    Astigmatism is a problem of being able to see near and far. It is a genetic disorder. People with astigmatism have difficulty driving at night. People with high astigmatism, on the other hand, experience significant head and eye pain as well as not being able to see clearly.


    It is an eye problem experienced with the hardening of the lens layer in people aged 40 and over. The eye lens has an elastic structure during youth. Close and distant subjects are easily focused. After the age of 40, this lens gradually loses its elasticity. As a result, the person begins to be unable to see distant or near objects. This situation is part of the aging process.

    Refractive Surgery


    Excimer Laser is a treatment method that allows millions of people with vision problems to get rid of glasses or contact lenses. With excimer laser treatment, the cornea layer is reshaped and refractive errors are treated. Each eye structure is different from each other. Therefore, eye disorders are also different from each other. For this reason, a different treatment method is applied to each patient.


    • Those whose eyes prescriptions number has not changed in the last 1 year.
    • Eye structures are suitable for treatment.
    • Myopia up to 10
    • Astigmatism up to 6
    • Those who are hyperopic up to 6 numbers.
    • Other treatment methods may be preferred for those whose eye structure is not suitable.


    ILASIK treatment is the personalization of all stages of laser treatment using advanced technology. Personal differences in the structure of the eye require the treatment to be personalized. When this treatment is applied with the iris recognition system, very successful results will be obtained in the treatment of eye defects. Blurred vision may occur in the first 3 – 6 hours after the treatment. Most of the patients can return to their daily life one day after the treatment. Anyone over the age of 18, whose general health condition is appropriate, and whose spectacle number has not changed in the last year, can do the ILASIK treatment. Medical products accepted at international standards are used in our hospital. Quality and safety are our priority.; We offer you the most advanced technologies about the eyes treatments. We provide ethical and patient-oriented services with our expert teams. We successfully apply the right treatment for our patients. Contact us to have an Refractive surgery or eye treatment in our hospital.


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