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    It is one of the eyes treatment techniques used in the treatment of hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism.In this treatment, valve preparation is done with a laser called “Femtosecond laser”. You can learn about femto lasik laser with this article.

    In this treatment, valve can be prepared in the planned thickness, diameter and depth for patients with small eyes and a thin cornea. The stages after valve incision and the follow-up of the operation are the same as in the standard lasik.

    The valve prepared in the treatment of femto lasik is stable. After the operation, it is better for the valve to be attached to the cornea and heal.

    With femto lasik treatment, it is aimed to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. After the operation, values below 0.50 are considered successful and the patient does not need to wear glasses anymore.

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    Femto lasik operations are successfully applied in our hospital. Our doctors are specialized in laser and intraocular laser. The best treatment plan for you is determined after a detailed examination by our doctor. You can contact us to get information about Femto lasik

    Who Is Not Suitable For Femto LASIK ?

    If there is a structural defect in the cornea (corneal dystrophy, keratoconus, etc.)

    • Eye tension (glaucoma)
    • Corneal thickness is not sufficient for surgery, or
    • Femto LASIK cannot be applied if there is severe dry eye disease.
    Am I Eligible For Femto LASIK ?

    People who have not changed their refractive error in the last year and who are over the age of 18 are suitable candidates for this treatment. Whether femto lasik surgery will be applied or not can be decided after the examination.

    During the examination, the thickness, biomechanical strength and slope of the corneal tissue are evaluated. It is investigated whether there is any problem such as keratoconus, severe dry eye and cataracts that may prevent surgery. In addition, it is evaluated whether there is strabismus and a detailed retinal examination is performed. With retinal examination, retinal holes and tears are also detected. If a problem is detected in the retina, the patient should be evaluated by retina specialists.

    In hypermetropia, refractive defects of about 6 astigmatism, 6 myopia, about 10 or less, can be treated with Femto LASIK.


    • Before the treatment, if the patient has complaints such as stinging or burring in the eye, the patient must inform the doctor.
    • Hard lens wearers are advised to stop using them 2 weeks before the examination and surgery.
    • Soft lens wearers are also recommended to stop using them 1 week before the examination and surgery.
    • Female patients should not wear make-up on the day of surgery.


    The patient will not feel pain during the operation. You may feel a slight pressure in the eye during the operation. The operation is performed on the 2 eyes in the same session, one after the other. The surgery is completed in a very short time. The operation time is 10 – 15 minutes for both eyes. The stages of the surgery are as follows:

    • Eye is going to be numbed with anesthetic drops.
    • Eye area will be disinfected.
    • Part of your face will be covered with a sterile cover.
    • Eyelids are going to be opened with the help of a tool to keep the eyes open throughout the surgery.
    • A thin valve (flap) is going to be removed from the cornea with special tools.
    • Corneal tissue under the flap will be reshaped with laser.
    • The valve will be closed back to the corneal surface.
    • A drop of antibiotic will be applied to the eyes.
    • The instrument holding the eyelids will be removed.


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    • In the first hours after surgery, you may have complaints such as stinging, burning, pain, blurred vision and watering in your eyes.
    • Protective glasses will be used on the day of surgery.
    • You should use cortisone and antibiotic eye drops as your doctor will advise you.
    • You should not neglect your routine checks after surgery.


    Blood In The Eye ;

    It is seen depending on the vacuum applied in the surgery. It disappears spontaneously in about 4 weeks. It does not cause any pain.

    Dry Eye ;

    Dry eyes may occur for a while after the operation. This problem will be eliminated with the tear drops used in the treatment.

    Numbing Remaining In The Eye ;

    Depending on the degree of the refractive error, there may be numbing left in the eye at different rates. Your doctor will inform you about this issue before the surgery.

    Ectasia ;

    Ectasia occurs when laser is applied to an eye whose corneal topography and thickness are not suitable. Although it is very rare, it can be seen postoperatively in the cornea with sufficient thickness and structure.

    Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis ;

    It is an allergic reaction. It can be treated by washing the eyes with serum or increasing the frequency of use of the drops used in the treatment.
    Lasik surgery does not prevent any eye surgery that may be required in the future.


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    • Do not take a bath or rub your eye the first day after the operation.
    • You can return to your normal life one day after the operation.
    • You should not neglect your post-operative controls.
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