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    The FUE hair transplant procedure, which is currently one of the most popular hair transplant methods, is particularly amenable to new advances and innovations. Using sapphire tips, FUE hair transplant operations have begun to provide even more successful and natural outcomes.


    One of the first hair transplant procedures was the FUT technique. The FUT procedure is currently rarely used due to the invention of the FUE technique. Hair transplantation with the FUE technique is the most common. The extensive usage of this approach can be attributed to two factors. The first is that FUE hair transplant outcomes are extremely successful and natural-looking. The other reason is because, unlike FUT, the FUE procedure does not leave a permanent scar.

    Instead of the metal tips that are commonly used while growing hair, the sapphire FUE hair transplant technique uses sapphire tips. The Sapphire FUE technique is an updated version of the FUE procedure. Hair transplantation was performed in order to improve the success and ease of the procedure.

    In the Sapphire FUE technique, grafts are retrieved one by one from the donor area with micro tips.  In the balding areas, tubes are opened to transmit the accumulated hair follicles. The opening of the channels is one of the most important features of the hair transplant. The most essential parameters that impact the success and naturalness of a hair transplant are the frequency, degree, and direction of the channels. As a result, it’s critical to properly open these incisions. These channels are given special attention in the Sapphire FUE procedure. The incisions are opened with specific sapphire points in this procedure

    The most common hair transplant mistake is opening the channels at an incorrect angle. When hair is transplanted into channels that have been opened at an incorrect angle, the outcome is artificial and unsatisfactory. Hair should resemble a thorn or grass when channels are opened at a right angle.


    Patients who have chosen Sapphire FUE hair transplant undergo some examinations before to the procedure. Once the patient’s health is judged to be fit for the treatment, the hair transplant planning and design process begins. Anesthesia is used to start the procedure. Special equipment are used to gather hair follicles in the donor area.

    Anesthesia is used to start the procedure. Special equipment are used to gather hair follicles in the donor area. Channels are opened to allow these hair follicles to adhere to the balding areas. With sapphire-tipped blades, these channels are opened for the sapphire FUE procedure. Finally, the donor hair follicles are transplanted into these channels. The donor area is dressed and bandaged at the conclusion of the operation. Transplanted hairless areas are left open.


    The operation is painless because to the local anesthetic used before the hair transplant. For people who are afraid of needles, sedation is the best option. The pain that is felt at a low level is essentially non-existent thanks to this treatment.


    In the Sapphire FUE method, the channels are opened smaller and the opened channels are smooth. So tissue damage to the transplanted area is minimized. Hair transplantation operations can be done more frequently.

    The most significant distinction between the FUE and the sapphire FUE techniques is the use of sapphire instead of metal at the ends of the channels during the opening. The sharpness of sapphire does not deteriorate. Blades with metal tips lose their sharpness with time, causing more tissue damage. The canal can be opened with less subcutaneous fluid in sapphire ends than in metal ends.


    • The surfaces of the sapphire tips are anti-bacterial. Their surface is smooth and they minimize vibration during hair transplant. In this way, the risk of tissue damage and trauma is minimized.
    • It can also be applied in patients with advanced hair loss, as it can be transplanted more frequently with sapphire tips.
    • Since the hair roots are transplanted more frequently, a more natural appearance is obtained.
    • It provides the opportunity to make a canal by injecting less subcutaneous liquid than a metal slit.
    • The swelling and edema are seen after the operation is less in hair transplant done with sapphire tips.
    • Since the channels are opened smaller, recovery after the procedure is faster and more comfortable.
    • Hair follicles are transplanted into channels of their size. Therefore, the roots will not displace or their degrees will not change.
    • Sapphire tips make it easier to hold the hair follicles in place because they do not disturb the blood circulation and damage the tissue.
    • Metal-tipped blades cannot be used in people with metal sensitivity. Then, sapphire bits can be used with peace of mind in people with metal sensitivity.
    • The ability to transfer hair more often gives the patient a more natural appearance.

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