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What should you know before hair transplantation?

There are certain points to take into consideration before a hair transplant operation. It is significant not to consume alcohol and smoke at a certain point to ensure your health condition. Also, you have to stop using any medications, vitamins, and blood thinning. To get more information, please contact our patient consult and ask all your questions related to the process.

How long does the process take?

The hair transplantation treatment is fast and effortless. The whole process mainly depends on the patients’ grafts that are transplanted. It takes approximately 3 hours to 6 hours to finish the operation. It may take even 2 hours to 3 hours depending on the techniques are used.
Plus, the entire procedure takes three days to complete. Keep in mind that it is crucial to choose the right experts and clinic to have your operation.

Where is your clinic?

Our clinic, Esthetic Hair Turkey, is located in Istanbul which is the largest metropolitan city of Turkey.

How much is your hair transplant technique?

We have fixed prices. Our prices don’t change according to our techniques. You can contact our patient consult for more information on our prices.

Will you feel pain during and after HT?

No, hair transplantation is a quick and painless treatment with the help of using advanced trending technologies. You won’t be able to feel any pain under local anesthesia. After the operation, you have to wear bandages over your scalp for a day.  Your scalp area may be sensitive, in that case, it is significant to take a painkiller and use your medications if there is any prescribed.

Which technique is better? FUE or DHI?

Both techniques are used for hair transplant treatment. In the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique, the process is done by opening the channel. In the DHI technique, direct planting is performed without opening the canal. Therefore, DHI is a demanding technique in the field of hair transplantation.

On the other hand, DHI is a demanding and new method of hair transplantation. In this method, the only requirement is shaving the specific area of the patients’ head. Therefore, women prefer the DHI technique. While it is necessary to wait for the opening hair follicles process in the FUE technique, DHI is a practical and short process. Also, the period of recovery is faster compared to the FUE.  

Is hair transplantation suitable for women?

Yes, it is. Although hair transplants in men are associated with male-pattern hair loss, the demand for hair transplant treatment in women has increased over the past years. According to research, almost 21 million women in the US experience hair loss. Approximately 40% of them are hair transplant patients. Thanks to this method, female patients have a very natural result without requiring a shave.

Is hair transplant possible without shaving?

 Simply, yes, it is possible to have a hair transplant without the shaving process, yet, still, patients and other aspects are our main considerations. The size of hair loss in a specific area, in other words, the exact number of the transplanted hair follicle is a determining factor. If the detected area is small, the surgery can be carried out without shaving.

What is the ideal age to undergo hair transplantation?

It is hard to mention a fixed ideal age for hair transplantation. It is possible to consider having the operation if you are 21 years old and above.  In general, to get the best results, the patient should be decently evaluated and selected to undergo a hair transplantation procedure.

How can you style your hair after the process?

Once your transplanted hair starts growing, you can easily use it as your normal hair. Since there is no difference between the transplanted hair and your usual hair, you may style it as you like. Even you can have your hair cut when you feel ready to do it. However, consider not using heat styling tools for at least one week period of time.

What is the process after hair transplantation?

After the surgery, there are some regulations to follow. To get better and more natural results, you should consider the steps below.

Is hair transplantation permanent?

The permanence of hair transplantation depends on the specialist of the doctor you choose. If your doctor is not a specialist, there is a 90% probability that your hair transplant results will not be permanent. Esthetic Hair Turkey works with specialist doctors.


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