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    Another question that doctors get asked the most is how many hair transplant can a person have? In majority of the cases, one transplant is enough for satisfactory results. Every patient has different type of hair, different hair fall pattern and different hair growth rate.  Commonly, the answer to how many hair transplant can a person have depends on multiple factors such as the factors listed below.


    Loss of Hair Follicles

    In some cases, hair loss reoccurs due to reasons such as alopecia or pattern baldness. Your doctor will do a thorough check up of your hair. It is to determine how many hair transplant can a person have and if they need the second transplant

    Unsatisfactory Results

    At times, even if the first hair transplant is done correctly, lack of care post-operation can lead to poor results. In order to fix this, the doctor will advise you another transplant. Second hair transplant results are always better and corrective.

    To Increase Hair Density

    At times, patients are very happy with the results and desire more density in certain areas. Sometimes, it is because of good results and sometimes because of hairloss. Second hair transplant can help increase density and thickness.

    After finding out how many hair transplant can a person have, the next question is how long one should wait for second hair transplant. Generally, the doctors advise you to wait at least 6 months before getting the second transplant. The reason behind this wait is to ensure the first transplant has healed, the donor area is mended

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