Tip rhinoplasty is an aesthetic intervention applied only to the tip of the nose. Since it is applied to a single area, it takes much shorter time and healing is faster than other nasal aesthetics.


Tip Rhinoplasty Surgery

After the decision of the nose tip aesthetics, a doctor is examined. In this examination, the nose is analyzed from various angles. The problem in the nose is fully identified. Nasal tip surgery can be used to dilute the nasal tip cartilage, remove the nasal tip, reduce the wings of the nose and correct breathing problems. Closed rhinoplasty operations are usually used in closed technique. Since the intervention to the tip of the nose is made through the nose, there is no scarring. Operation time is approximately one hour. The patient may go home after the operation. One month after the operation, the nose becomes very compatible with the face. It takes 1 year to take its final shape.


Whom Tip Rhinoplasty Can Be Made?

• Nose tip is not clear,

• If the support of the nose wings is weak,

• Nose tip is low,

• The tip of the nose is asymmetrical,

• Nose tip wings are large and

• If the tip of the nose is separated, rhinoplasty operations are performed.

In cases where there is a nasal belt, width or asymmetry on the nose, normal rhinoplasty surgery should be performed, not the tip of the nose. Nasal tip surgery is only applied to patients with a number of problems at the tip of the nose. Problems with other parts of the nose cannot be corrected by nose tip surgery.


What Should Be Considered After Tip Rhinoplasty?

The first three days after surgery is the importance of rest.

Glasses should not be used after surgery.

The head should be kept high while lying down after surgery. This makes it easier to swell.

2-3 days after the operation, the nasal bands can be showered without wetting. Approximately one week after the operation, the nasal bands are removed.


Tip Rhinoplasty Prices

It is not possible to say a single price for nasal tip aesthetic prices. Because there are many factors that will affect prices. The prices vary according to the doctor who will perform the operation and the center where the operation will be performed. Prices vary according to the technique to be used in surgery. Prices vary considerably according to the country and city where the operation will be performed. Turkey tip rhinoplasty prices are quite affordable compared to other countries.


Tip Rhinoplasty Prices in Turkey

Turkey has quite a large share of health tourism. Millions of people prefer to Turkey for health tourism. The number of people who came to Turkey for rhinoplasty surgery are also very much can not be underestimated. Turkey’s so much to be preferred, there are two reasons for this. The first reason is the affordable prices. The second reason is the presence of highly successful doctor in Turkey.


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