Do you want to have a hair transplant, but you are afraid of its bad result? Or did you have had a bad hair transplant? Does your hairline look unnatural and your hair does not grow as desired? What should you do if hair transplant fails? You don’t have to worry about all those issues. Bad hair transplant is not your destiny. We can fix your bad hair transplantation with our experts.

After hair transplantation, your hair may continue to fall out. If you need a new hair transplant, contact us.


Causes of Hair Transplant Failure

There are different reasons for bad hair transplantation.

• Old / wrong techniques used,

• Wrong, patient-unfit hairline design,

• Old and broken devices,

• Doctor’s misapplications

• Micro tips that have lost their sharpness may cause bad hair transplantation results.



Hair Transplant Fails: Can a bad hair transplant be fixed?

The reason you wanted to have a hair transplant was to regain your old appearance. Bad hair transplant operation makes you look worse than before. Unnatural appearance hurts everyone’s self-confidence.

Many different techniques have been used for hair transplantation in the past. The FUT technique, the first technique used for hair transplantation is not used anymore . FUT hair transplantation is a very old technique and it is difficult to obtain a natural look with this technique. If you had hair transplant with this technique  and now you think your hair transplant does not look natural, contact us.

Your bad hair transplant operation can be corrected with the Esthetic Hair Turkey correction procedure. Our team will give you the results you want with micro FUE, sapphire FUE and DHI hair transplantation techniques.


How To Fix Bad Hair Transplant?

We must examine you first. If you have an unnatural hairline, our doctors will correct it. Click here for a free online consultation from our doctors and expert patient consultants.

The most advanced surgical techniques are used in Esthetic Hair Turkey. Our surgeons and all other teams have years of experience in hair transplantation. Our staff, especially trained to correct the appearance of unnatural hair lines and sparse hair, is waiting for you to regain your self-confidence. For this, just contact us at this address.


Call us to correct the bad hair transplant operation and get one-on-one support from our experts about hair transplantation.