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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy covers how Esthetic Hair Turkey protects, uses and collects personal data. You should read this article to have more detailed information about the privacy policy of Esthetic Hair Turkey.




Personal Information

Our company may collect personal data for various purposes. Detailed information about the storage and protection of the personal data collected is given below.

The personal data implied in the privacy policy includes information such as the person’s identity information, occupation, address, e-mail address, telephone number, medical history, and health concerns.

The person’s information can be collected through the Esthetic Hair Turkey website, oral or written forms, doctor or medical staff.

No information about persons under the age of 18 is collected or disclosed without permission from their parents.


For What Purpose Is Personal Data Collected?

Esthetic Hair Turkey personal data;

  • Personalizing your experience,
  • To follow up the patient,
  • Improving customer service and
  • Collects patient needs for the purposes of better analyzing and providing better service.


Personal Data Storage and Disposal

Esthetic Hair Turkey has taken the necessary measures to protect and store personal information against situations such as loss, misuse. But no security site can be fully protected, despite all precautions being taken. That is why there is no guarantee that personal information will not be intercepted when transmitting.


The Transfer Of Personal Data

Esthetic Hair Turkey will only disclose personal information to the necessary organizations and persons (health care providers, employees and contractors who need to know personal information) to provide the necessary service to the patient. Some of these contractors, employees or healthcare providers may be located outside the patient’s country. The person is deemed to have given their consent to transfer their information by using the Esthetic Hair Turkey website.

The patient’s personal information may be disclosed in the following cases;

  • In cases where Esthetic Hair Turkey requires court order or legal action,
  • When your legal rights are exercised,
  • When defends itself against prohibited claims,
  • In case of merger or acquisition of Esthetic Hair Turkey with another institution.

Esthetic Hair Turkey will provide the necessary information via e-mail before transferring personal information to another business.

Esthetic Hair Turkey will not share and use personal information without the written consent of the patient, except for the cases mentioned above. The patient may withdraw  written consent to the use or sharing of personal information. However, the use or disclosure of personal information made with the patient’s consent cannot be withdrawn.

Esthetic Hair Turkey never sells or rents personal information to anyone.


Links To Other Web Sites

This privacy policy applies only to Esthetic Hair Turkey’s website.

The privacy policy does not apply to links and organizations that are not controlled and owned by Esthetic Hair Turkey, such as health centers or other organizations on the website. Clicking on a link that is not under the control of Esthetic Hair Turkey and directs you to another site is subject to the privacy and security policies of the newly opened site.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

Esthetic Hair Turkey reserves the right to change its privacy policy in the future. It is recommended to check frequently for possible changes in the privacy policy. Continuing to use the site after the change in the privacy policy means that the change is approved.


Contact Us

If you have any concerns or questions about the privacy policy of Esthetic Hair Turkey’s website, you can write to