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    Esthetic Hair Turkey will always be with you before you arrival to Istanbul until you achieve what you wanted. Our support will last forever! Keep reading for hair transplant costs.


    Hair loss affects people psychologically. Especially the hairless image formed as a result of permanent hair loss makes the person look older, but it spoils the person’s spirits. Those who want to have healthier and thicker hair decide to do research on hair transplant. The cost of the operation is the determining factor in the decision to have hair transplant.

    We have prepared this article with detailed information about hair transplant costs and the factors affecting these costs.


    It is not correct to give a clear price for hair transplant. Because hair transplant costs vary according to many factors.

    • The number of hair follicles to be transplanted during the procedure directly affects the costs of the operation. While some patients’ hairless area is small, in some patients this area may be much larger. As the number of hair follicles to be transplanted increases, the duration and cost of the procedure increases.
    • It changes the price of the transaction in the techniques and tools to be used in hair transplant. FUE hair transplant technique and DHI method come with different costs. Cost vary according to the tools used in the FUE technique. The price of FUE hair transplants performed using sapphire blade will be different from the classical FUE hair transplant.
    • Cost vary according to the area where the operation will be performed. Beard hair transplant cost, eyebrows and hair transplant costs are differ from each other.
    • The doctor who will perform the procedure is among the factors determining the cost. As the doctor’s expertise and experience increases, the price of hair transplant will increase. (Our clinic consists of a fully experienced team. Our prices do not change according to the team that will perform the operation).
    • Cost may vary according to the demands on the operation and the year of the transaction.
    • Cost vary according to the clinic where hair transplant will be performed.
    • Hair transplant cost vary from city to city and from country to country.


    All transportations related to the operation. That is to say, pick up from the airport to hotel and on the way back from hotel back to the airport. Pick up from the hotel to the hospital and from the hospital back to the hotel. Please note that flight tickets are not included in the price.

    Two (three) nights accomodation at Great Fortune Hotel which is located at the heart of Sultanahmet, the historical peninsula. At this four stars cozy hotel, you will enjoy the top attraction sights of Istanbul which are very close to your hotel. Breakfast will be on top floor with a perfect panaroma of the Bosphorus and the old city. Spa and Wifi are free of charge.

    The operation will take place in Medical Park Hospital which has the biggest hospitals chain in Istanbul. Medical Park Hospital holds all kinds of international certificates and accreditations including JCI and ISO.

    All needed check-ups and essential blood tests before the operation will take place at the hospital.

    All the medications, pain-killers, anti-biotics, anti-swollen and aspirin along with shampoo, lotion, neck pillow.

    No language barrier, notice that all our team members and hospital staff speak fluent English. Therefore you will have no difficulties in communication which is a big plus.

    Personal assistance in every step you take from the beginning to the end of the operation. Our smiling and helpful team members will always be at your support and assistance in each step.


    The patient will not feel pain during the operation. You may feel a slight pressure in the eye during the operation. The operation is performed on the 2 eyes in the same session, one after the other. The surgery is completed in a very short time. The operation time is 10 – 15 minutes for both eyes. The stages of the surgery are as follows:


    Depending on your type of hair loss, our cost range starts from 1500€ to 2300€. The exact price, however, will be determined by one of our agents after examining your hair loss through the photos/videos you will be sending to us.


    Hair transplant is an operation that can be done with more than one technique. One of the most used techniques in hair transplant is sapphire FUE hair transplant. Sapphire FUE hair transplant is done using sapphire blade. In classical FUE hair transplant, the blades are made of steel. While Sapphire blade never lose its sharpness. It is smooth and anti-bacterial. Contact us to discuss Sapphire FUE hair transplant costs.


    One of the most known techniques in hair transplant is the DHI technique. The purpose of the development of this technique is to minimize the time that the hair follicles collected from the donor area stay outside. Because the longer the hair roots stay outside, the more they lose their vitality. Thanks to this technique, the hair follicles are transplanted without losing their viability, thus increasing the efficiency obtained in hair transplant. Call us for DHI technique costs.


    The patientÔÇÖs hair is shaved for hair transplant. But for those who do not want to have their hair cut, this is undesirable. Especially women do not want their hair cut while having hair transplant. Those who do not want their hair to be cut may stop having hair transplant. With unshaven hair transplant, these problems are considered history. Now hair transplant can be done without having to shave the entire hair. To learn about unshaved hair transplant costs, contact us and discuss the costs.


    The cost of hair transplant is very convenient in Istanbul Turkey. Reasonable cost has enabled Turkey to be more preferable. When accommodation and transportation are included in the price, even the price of hair transplant in Turkey is quite affordable compared to other countries. The only reason so many of TurkeyÔÇÖs preference is not suitable costs. The country has received even more attention thanks to experienced and successful doctors. Thanks to the positive comments and recommendations of patients coming for hair transplant from all over the world, the number of patients coming to the country is increasing.


    Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city is the preferred health tourism destination. Istanbul, the country’s most popular city is well ahead in the field of health tourism. It is also very advantageous in terms of its location in Istanbul. The city, which is located in Asian and European continents, is very close to many European countries. Hair transplant cost in Istanbul is also very affordable. Hair transplant surgery is successfully carried out in Esthetic Hair Turkey. You can also contact us to get more detailed information about hair transplant in Istanbul and hair transplant cost.


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