Esthetic Hair Russia provides the highest quality of service with its experienced and expert staff. As the number of our guests grows every day, we develop ourselves with the latest technology and techniques. Our main headquarters, Esthetic Hair Turkey, is one of the best clinics in Turkey that proved itself with thousands of patients and happy reviews. We always work with well-educated and skilled medical staff for your happiness. You will find the same high-quality service in our Russia branch.


    Hair loss is a common aesthetic problem, especially among men. People use cosmetics to eliminate this problem, however the only permanent solution to this problem is a hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant is an important surgery that should be performed by expert hands. Because there are various techniques for hair transplantation, such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), Sapphire FUE and DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation). The method of the transplantation is decided by the patient and doctor’s collaboration according to the hair type, the amount of baldness of the patient, and his/her desires. Hair transplant process is basically a procedure that hair follicles are collected from the donor area to be implanted to the bald area by different equipments.

    We opened our Russia branch due to high demand in Turkey. There are many Russia patients who want to get our services without leaving their country. We sent our professional team to Moscow, Russia and broadened our service offering for you in response to the requests of our patients for the best hair transplant experience from Turkey.


    Numerous procedures exist for hair transplantation, and newer ones have just been established. The Gold DHI technique is one of the most recent hair transplantation methods. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor region and inserted into the bald areas using a choi pen without creating channels in a Gold DHI hair transplant. You can soon resume your normal activities following the surgery. You can find the best medical staff and top-notch facilities at Esthetic Hair Russia. For more information about our Gold DHI method, get in touch with us.



    We could not remain unconcerned to the intense demands of our patients in Russia against our clinic and our expert team, and we eliminated the kilometers between us and Russia. We continue to carry the quality services we offer to our patients all over the world. We are developing our brand more and more and specializing in the field of hair transplantation.

    You can contact our patient consultants to get information about our treatments. Our consultants answer all the questions you need and are at your service 24/7. Fill in our contact form and we will get back to you immediately.



    We are on the way to being a pioneer in the world of hair transplantation with the quality service we provide to our patients. All the new generation hair transplant techniques we have created are successfully performed by our expert team in our Esthetic Hair Brazil clinic.



    We have succeeded in promoting our brand to the whole world with the unique services we have provided to our patients for more than 10 years. Thanks to our specialist doctors and experienced team operating in our clinic, we achieve success in all hair transplantation techniques.



    In Esthetic Hair Russia, all our hair transplant treatments are performed by specialist. Our professional staff has made improvements in the field of hair transplantation for more than 10 years and has succeeded in gaining the satisfaction of the patients.