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    Best Hair Transplant in Mexico

    Hair transplant in Mexico is a growing phenomenon as more and more people opt for it. As Esthetic Hair Turkey, we opened our 3rd branch in Mexico. We bring innovation to hair transplantation techniques with the latest technology equipment in our Mexico clinic.


    Esthetic Hair Mexico provides service with its the latest techonology equipment and expert staff. We are constantly improving ourselves in order to meet the expectations of our valued patients from all over the world in the best way and to provide the highest quality service. We offer different treatment methods with our expert staff and innovative equipment. The number of patients coming to our company from Mexico is more than a thousand. Upon high demand, we have carried our quality services to Cancun, Mexico for our valuable patients.


    Hair Transplant is the only procedure that serves as a permanent treatment for baldness. Lack of hair growth and baldness causes severe self-esteem issues among men as it affects their whole physical appearance. Hair transplant offers a life-time solution to the hair loss and baldness. There are various different types of hair transplant such as FUE, DHI, FUT, Unshaven transplant etc. Different equipment and techniques are used in a hair transplant depending on the causes of baldness. This process usually consists of placing the hair follicles taken from the back of your hair into the balding area. The hair follicles taken are planted according to the exit point of the bald area. This provides a more natural look to the hair.

    In our clinic, hair transplantation methods are successfully performed by specialist doctors. We have opened a clinic in Mexico to provide a more successful and comfortable service to more than a thousand patients who come from Mexico to benefit from our hair transplant treatments. Our expert team in Turkey is highly demanded by our patients. In line with the special requests of our patients, we took our expert team to Mexico and expanded our service range for you.

    In our Mexico clinic, our hair transplant treatments are quite extensive. FUE hair transplant, Sapphire FUE hair transplant, DHI are some of our hair transplant treatment techniques.


    Our expert hair transplant doctors perform the Gold DHI technique in many parts of the world. This operation, performed with a special Choi pen, is very practical and fast. The most preferred hair transplant technique by our patients is the Gold DHI technique. Gold DHI technique is performed in our clinic with quality equipment. For more information about the Gold DHI technique, you can contact us using the contact information below.


    In our hair transplant clinic in Mexico, we use our the latest technology equipment to provide a good service to our patients. Our sickrooms are extremely comfortable and hygienic. Esthetic Hair Turkey offers you various hair transplantation techniques with its expert team in hair transplantation. We provide affordable price and quality health services to our patients who come from all over the world to benefit from our service. You can ask all your questions about our services to our patient consultants. Our consultants, who are available 24/7 will inform you about their treatments and create your treatment plan. Fill in our contact form and will get back to you immediately.


    Mexico offers high quality hair transplant procedures while making sure the cost of the transplant stays affordable. This makes hair transplant in Mexico the best option. People from other countries such as United States now prefer Mexico for their hair transplant since it is way more affordable. The cost of a hair transplant in Mexico is almost one-third of the cost of hair transplant in USA. Mexico also has a beneficial location since it is close to USA. People living in USA can easily travel for their hair transplant and save significant amount of money. Mexico also has the most advanced technology and tools for the transplant along with highly experienced and quaified doctors. All these factors make mexico a good choice for hair transplants.


    If you are looking to get a hair transplant in Mexico, Cancun may be a great choice due to its geographical advantage, cost, doctors and technology. Cancun is the closest to USA making it a very easily accessible location for all the Americans wanting to get a transplant. This geographical factor gives it a upper hand over other cities in Mexico. Hair transplant in Cancun has many advantages. These advantages include incredibly low prices for the transplant as compared to USA, high quality technology and equipments, sanitary and hygienic transplant clinics and qualified doctors. Travelling to Cancun for a transplant is affordable, convenient and safe with all inclusive packages.


    Hair transplant in Mexico costs about 65% lesser than United States so you end up saving tons of money when you opt for Mexico as a destination for your hair transplant. The average cost of hair transplant in United States ranges from $4000 to $15000 USD. In Mexico, you can get the same quality of treatment in one-third of price. In United States, the cost of hair transplant is not covered by insurance since it is a cosmetic procedure. Hence, there is no way you can save money in USA. On the other hand, Mexico offers highly qualified and experienced surgeons with advanced technology and modern equipment in extremely affordable price range.

    The reason there is a lower cost for hair transplant in Mexico in general is because the wages are lower, cost of living is much lower, paperwork is also very low and rents are comparatively low in the country. Mexico offers all inclusive package for hair transplant surgery including accommodation, pickup and transfers, pre operative tests, hair transplant costs and post operative medicines. High quality of the treatments along with affordable costs is what makes Mexico a sought after place for transplants.


    Doctors in Mexico are highly experienced and ensure the best look with a hair transplant. Before the hair transplant in Mexico, a design process is carried out. This design process helps determine the perfectly symmetrical look for your scalp and analyze whether you need a symmetrical or an asymmetrical look for the best look. You will also receive multiple sketches of what you can opt for. Once you choose the best design for your face shape and hair loss, the transplant will start.

    Every client gets a customized sketch and design. The clinics in Mexico do not follow the one-size fits all approach. The doctors in Mexico acknowledge the fact that every patient has a different donor area, needs different amount of grafts and prefers different designs. The doctors make sure they carry out the transplant in such a way that the patient gets the most natural looking results and the best look.


    Doctors in Mexico have years of experience in hair transplant procedures and offer multiple types of hair transplant options that suit your needs. Before the transplant, the doctors will conduct a thorough analysis of patient’s hair, hair structure and hair density. The next step is to decide how many grafts will be transplanted. Once that is done, the surgeon will design and plan front hairline and then the transplant starts. The hair transplant options in Mexico include

    • FUE Hair Transplant: This transplant serves as a permanent solution to androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern hair loss, which causes baldness in men.
    • Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant: This is a fairly modern technique with developed tools and equipment for best results.
    • DHI Hair Transplant: This is one of the most common techniques and uses a pencil like tool called ‘Choi’. The transplant is done in two stages in DHI.
    • Female Hair Transplant: As the name suggests, this option caters women specifically.
    • Eyebrow Transplant: People with sparse eyebrows or eyebrow loss can opt for this option to rejuvenate their eyebrows and get oddly shaped eyebrows properly shaped too.
    • Unshaven Hair Transplant: Most people tend to opt out of hair transplantation upon finding out that shaving the hair is a necessary step for the transplant, this is when unshaven hair transplant is used. This technique does not require the shaving of hair.


    FUE hair transplant in Mexico is the most common type of procedure in hair transplantation. It is because FUE hair transplant does not require inicions and that limits the risk of scarring. FUE is currently the most advanced and contemporary hair transplant technique. It ensures a scar free transplant and the procedure is also pain free. FUE in Mexico is also the most highly preferred due to its high quality and affordable costs. Since there are no incisions made during the procedure, the recovery time is the fastest because there are no prominent scars. FUE transplant in Mexico is safe, the procedure is smooth and the results are very satisfactory.


    DHI hair transplant is also one of the common techniques of hair transplant in Mexico. This techniques makes use of the CHOI pen for transplanting hair to the balding areas. CHOI pen is a very contemporary tool, which is why patients prefer this the most. DHI transplant in Mexico is very affordable and offers high quality treatment. The recovery process is also rapid and the procedure is practical. Patients from all around the world especially United States highly prefer Mexico for DHI hair transplant because the quality of treatment is the same in Mexico as it is in USA with almost half the cost.


    DHI hair transplant is also one of the common techniques of hair transplant in Mexico. This techniques makes use of the CHOI pen for transplanting hair to the balding areas. CHOI pen is a very contemporary tool, which is why patients prefer this the most. DHI transplant in Mexico is very affordable and offers high quality treatment. The recovery process is also rapid and the procedure is practical. Patients from all around the world especially United States highly prefer Mexico for DHI hair transplant because the quality of treatment is the same in Mexico as it is in USA with almost half the cost.


    You do not have to spare too much to get a hair transplant in Mexico. You will arrive in Mexico one day before your transplant, get the necessary tests done and then come back next day for the transplant. After the transplant, you will wait two days after which the doctor will wash your hair at the clinic to reduce crusting, redness and swelling. You will then be given medications, shampoo and after care instructions and you are good to go.


    Due to the advancements in technology, the success rate of hair transplant in Mexico has sky rocketed. However, the rate varies from person to person depending on the patient’s goals. A detailed discussion with your doctor about the transplant can significantly increase the success rate of hair transplant. The rate of success of hair transplant depends on the satisfacion level of a patient. In case of Esthetic Hair Mexico, 95% of patients are more than ust satisfied with their hair transplant.


    We sent our doctors from Esthetic Hair Turkey to Mexico to meet the demands of our Mexican patients. Esthetic hair Mexico is the best option for hair transplant in Mexico considering the cost and quality. Our doctors have more than 10 years of experience in hair transplantation so you can be sure that you are in good hands. Our consultants will get in touch with you and create a customized treatment plan for you depending on what type of hair transplant you need. Once the plan is finalized, we will guarantee an overall comfortable experience along with reasonable hair transplant cost.


    If it is your first time getting a cosmetic procedure done, it can be very difficult to find a good hair transplant clinic. There are certain factors that you should consider before choosing a hair translant clinic. These factor include the qualifications and experience of the surgeon, testimonials and reviews, before and after photos, qualifications of the medical team and quality of the tools they are using for the transplant.


    If Mexico is not a convenient location for you, it is not a problem. Esthetic Hair Mexico has branches in Turkey and Brazil and can be a good option for your treatment. Our doctors are highly qualified and experienced and we expanded our clinics due to high demand from our Mexican and Brazilian patients. Hence, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands as we have been serving our patients with due attention and care and guarantee great results with affordable costs. Contact us to be informed and to discuss the costs. Fill the contact form and we will contact you.



    We offer quality treatment methods with latest technological equipment. DHI hair transplantation is a new generation hair transplantation method that will allow you to get natural and hair with volume in a short time with the latest technological equipment.



    We offer you quality service with years of knowledge and experience in a sterile hospital ambience. We successfully perform numerous hair transplantation techniques. In our clinic, we perform FUE technique, Sapphire hair transplant, and DHI technique with a special CHOI Pen.



    All of our hair transplant techniques have been successfully performed for years by our certified specialist doctors and experienced health personnel. Our professional team promises extremely natural results to their patients with the training they receive.