Those who want to have rhinoplasty can fear this post-operative process and give up this idea. The question of “Is pain experienced while recovering after rhinoplasty?” Is a question that sticks to everyone’s mind. We prepared this article in order to eliminate the question marks about this subject. Keep reading for rhinoplasty recovery.

Discomfort That May Occur in The Healing Process After Rhinoplasty

The healing process after rhinoplasty begins immediately after surgery. Surgery-related weakness may occur after rhinoplasty.

Pain may occur after surgery. In this case, pain medications prescribed by the doctor can be used.

The first day after the surgery may be a little difficult. But this time is not usually very painful. During this time, nausea may be felt. Difficulty in breathing. In such cases, washing the nose with salt water makes the person feel better.

It is quite natural to have swelling on the face after surgery. To minimize swelling, it is important to stay as upright as possible while lying down.

Taking any blows to the face or nose after rhinoplasty can both deform the nose and hurt the person. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the face and nose after the operation.

Care should be taken not to bend over, lift heavy, and do heavy sports after surgery. If these are not cared for, the pains of the person may increase. After 3 weeks, the person can return to doing normal activities and exercises. But to do heavy sports, at least 1 month should be waited after the operation.

Problems such as slight pain, difficulty breathing and pressure in the ears may occur after the operation. But there is no need to worry about these problems. Swelling and bruises that occur after surgery may also disturb people. Cold compresses are recommended for such conditions.

Care should be taken not to go directly to the sun after the operation and sun cream should be used.

Temporary loss of sensation may occur after surgery.

After the operation, there may be a failure to recover due to poor care. Smoking is one of the factors that slow recovery. For these reasons, skin loss may occur. In these and similar situations, a doctor should be consulted.

Risks Related to Rhinoplasty Surgery

Every surgery has risks. Bleeding after rhinoplasty is one of these risks. Blood leaks may come from the nostrils after the operation. Bleeding decreases approximately 2 days after the operation. In order to reduce the risk of bleeding, the use of blood-thinning drugs should be interrupted before surgery. Infection may also occur after surgery. The use of antibiotics greatly reduces this risk. Care should be taken that the face and especially the nose do not receive a pulse after the operation. Severe blows can cause deformities in the nose.

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