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Hair Graft Calculator

The hair graft calculator provided by Esthetic Hair Turkey for you calculates how many grafts you need. In this application, you will determine the rate of your hair loss. So it will be revealed how many grafts you need.

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Hair loss mostly affects the top of the hair. Thanks to the hair graft calculator, you can choose the current length, fullness, lines of your hair.


Hair Transplantation

The next step after the hair graft calculator is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is an operation that prevents hair loss and ensures the formation of more natural hair follicles. There are various hair transplantation methods in our clinic. These are Sapphire FUE technique, FUE transplantation and DHI technique.

Sapphire FUE transplant is a very popular technique. Sapphire technique is performed using special sapphire blades. The doctor puts the patient under local anesthesia. Then,  grafts are collected. It is ensured that the channels are opened in the dimensions that the roots can enter. Damage almost never occurs. Finally, hair roots are planted.

In FUE transplant, the doctor puts the patient under local anesthesia as in other procedures. Then the hair follicles are collected one by one and the channel is opened. Then, hair follicles are placed in the channels opened one by one in the same way.

DHI technique is one of the newest techniques. Hair transplant surgeons prefer the DHI technique the most among hair transplant methods. It is similar to other hair transplant techniques. However, it is done with the CHOI pen. Thanks to this pen, the process takes very fast. The channel is not opened in this process.


How to Use Graft Calculator ?

The hair graft calculator page will help you determine how many grafts you need, but you can get more precise results with a doctor’s check. You should get help from a expert to determine graft number. For this, you can send us your photos. Thus, our experts will tell you how many grafts you need. Esthetic Hair Turkey works with expert hair transplant doctors. All hair transplantation techniques are applied in our clinic. In addition, graft calculations are made by our doctors and our patients are informed about hair transplantation techniques.


Average Cost per Graft Hair Transplant

Hair graft calculator application for hair transplantation also provides convenience in determining whether you are a suitable candidate for transplantation. The graft calculator for hair transplantation is useful for people. If you contact our patient consultants and send your hair images, they will determine how many grafts you need and will tell you in a short time which hair transplant method you should apply. There is no difference between the cost of 1000 grafts of hair transplantation and 5000 grafts of hair transplantation. Our prices do not change according to the number of grafts.


Hair Tranplant at Esthetic Hair Turkey

Esthetic Hair Turkey works successfully with physicians who are experts in their fields. The comfortable service we offer to our patients in many parts of the world is expanding our brand. Hair transplantation, one of our most famous services, is preferred by our patients with interest. We process according to the number of grafts of the people. Our hair transplant prices do not change according to the number of grafts.

Contact our patient consultants for the most accurate calculation of your graft number. By making an accurate calculation, they will determine your graft need and your operation process will proceed accordingly.