Before and After Hair Transplant in Women - Esthetic Hair Turkey

Hair transplant operations are not only performed for men. These procedures can be done to anyone experiencing permanent hair loss regardless of gender.

In order for hair transplant to take place successfully, there are some things to consider before and after hair transplant in women.


Before Hair Transplant in Women

If it is decided to plant and make an appointment, the doctor will examine the hair before the procedure. The level of hair loss is determined. Determine how much hair follicle is needed. The donor site is decided. After the operation, it is decided how the hair should look and a personalized hair design is made.

After all of this, hair transplant process is started. Local anesthesia is performed first. In this way, the process is not painful. After anesthesia, a decided number of grafts are collected from the donor site. The collected grafts are kept for transplant. Necessary channels are opened for planting the hair follicles collected in the area where hair loss occurs. The grafts are transferred to the opened channels one by one. The donor area is bandaged and the operation is terminated.

** There are different methods in hair transplantation and hair transplant process may vary according to each method. Fue hair transplant method is the most preferred method among hair transplant methods.


Considerations Before Hair Transplant in Women

  • If hair transplantation has been decided, there are a number of factors to be observed before the procedure.
  • The center where the procedure will be performed and the doctor performing the operation should be well researched.
  • The person should tell his / her doctor about his / her health history and medications.
  • Blood thinners should not be used before the operation.
  • Alcohol or cigarettes should not be consumed or discontinued.



After Hair Transplant in Women

The first wash after hair transplant is done at the hair transplantation center. This washing should be done quite accurately and accurately. If it is not done correctly, the newly transplanted hair follicles may rupture and die. After the first wash the person can do the washings on his own.

Approximately 2 weeks after planting the hair is shed. This stage is called shock hair loss. This is normal in everyone who has hair transplant. Instead of shedding hair, it is healthier over time.

The exact results of hair transplant are seen at the end of the first year after the operation.


Things to Consider After Hair Transplant in Women

For the best hair transplant results

It is quite normal for the person to have crusting, itching and acne after sowing. These crusts are greatly reduced after the first wash. Crusts should not be touched. The shells should be allowed to fall out on their own. Because when the peels are tried to be peeled by the patients, the hair follicles may grow along with the shells. But if the person is extremely uncomfortable with crusting and itching, he or she should definitely see his doctor.

The products you will use for your hair after hair transplant should be the products recommended by the doctor. Do not use any product on the hair without the doctor’s knowledge.

Gently massaging the bottom of the hair may be good for the hair. But if massage is to be done, massage should be done without damaging the roots.

After the planting process should be careful not to take the impact area. Any impact may cause the hair to break and die.

Nutrition should be taken to make the hair grow lush and healthy. Smoking and alcohol should be avoided in this process.


With Esthetic Hair Turkey, the processes before and after hair transplant are easily circumvented in women. If you want to have hair transplantation in our center, you can contact us.