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Beard directly affects the appearance of men. But some factors cause men not to have the beard they want. It can cause infrequent beards or innate beards that do not look as intended. Beard transplant is used not only for congenital beard deficiencies but also for subsequent beard losses (such as accidents, illnesses and burns). Beard transplant is a highly successful operation. After the procedure, the person can continue his / her daily life without a break.


What is Beard Transplant?

In this process, hair follicles taken from the person’s own body are transferred to the areas with sparse beard or no beard. In this way, the patient has natural and bushy beards.

Beard transplantation is a surgical operation. For this reason, the doctor performing the transplant should be experienced in the field.


Beard Transplant Steps

In beard transplant, the person is examined first. During the examination, it is decided to determine how much beard will be transplanted.

• Local anesthesia is performed first during the operation. Thus, the person does not feel pain during the procedure.

• Carefully collect the hair follicles from the area designated as the donor site.

• Canals are opened to place the roots in the area where the beard transplant will be performed.

• The collected hair follicles are added to these opened canals.

• At the end of the procedure, the place where the beard transplant is performed is left open and the donor area is bandaged.



Beard Transplant in Turkey

More people every year for beard transplant prefers to Turkey. There are several reasons for Turkey’s beard transplant is popular. One reason is that it is highly suitable for beard transplant prices in Turkey. Exchange rate differences as reasons for hair transplant in Turkey comes in quite convenient.

Istanbul Beard Transplant Centers

Most preferred city in search of beard transplant in Turkey is Istanbul. Istanbul is the most crowded city in Turkey. Istanbul is the heart of Turkey. There are many clinics in Istanbul. Doctors in Istanbul are highly specialized and experienced in their field. Since they host many patients from different parts of the world for beard transplant, they are quite familiar with different types of beards. In addition, Istanbul is a city that attracts attention with its history and culture. When you come to Istanbul for a beard transplant, you can enjoy the historical and cultural beauties of Istanbul during your stay here. In this way, your visit is not only for health purposes but also for touristic purposes.


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