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Beard transplant affects the appearance of the person. Very successful results are obtained in beard transplant operations with high success rate. Beard transplant prices may vary from person to person and the center where the transplant will take place.


To Whom Can Be Done Beard Transplant?

  • Accidents or illnesses caused by beard shedding,
  • Those with sparse beards,
  • For sex changers,
  • For those who do not have a beard or are born rarely, Beard transplant can be performed in certain regions of the beards for those who do not grow any beard.
  • Beard transplantation can be performed in certain regions of the beards for those who do not grow any beard.


Beard Transplant Process

Beard transplantation is the process of transplanting the hair follicles taken from one’s own body to the beard. The hair or hair follicles used in this process are not taken from anyone else. It is only taken from one’s own body. Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, it does not cause any pain.

During the beard transplant process, the required number of hair follicles are collected from the donor area. The collected hair follicles are kept for planting. The required number of channels is opened in the region where the beard is to be planted. hair roots are transplanted into the opened canals. After beard transplant, daily life can be continued without interruption.

Beard transplant procedures do not take as long as hair transplant procedures. Because in hair transplant, hair follicles are added much less than hair transplant.


beard transplant cost turkey


Is beard transplant a permanent operation?

Beard transplant is a permanent process. After the operation, the beards remain for life. However, the shock shedding phase after the operation misleads people. Since the beards planted at this stage are shed, the impression may be that the operation is not permanent. However, shock shedding is a stage that is seen in everyone and after that phase, the beards begin to grow more louder.


Factors Affecting Beard Transplant Prices

  • There are many factors affecting the prices of beard transplant. Some of these elements;
  • The center to be transplanted,
  • The doctor who will perform the planting,
  • The city or country where the plantation will take place,
  • Number of roots to be planted,
  • Sowing method,
  • Additional services included in cultivation (such as accommodation and transport).


Ortakoy Mosque Istanbul, Turkey

Ortakoy Mosque Istanbul, Turkey


Beard Transplant Costs in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries attracting attention in health tourism. Every year millions of people come to Turkey for health tourism. Beard planting coincided with quite affordable prices have made Turkey more attractive in hair transplant.

Beard transplant doctors in Turkey are quite professional. They are very experienced in different types of beards as they transplant beard and hair to people from many different countries. This makes Turkey a more preferred a beard cultivation in the country.


Beard Transplant Costs in Istanbul

In beard transplant is the most preferred city of Istanbul in Turkey. Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city with. We can say that Istanbul is the heart of the country. There are two international airports in the city which will not cause any problems in transport. Istanbul is also a city that attracts attention with its historical buildings. You can come to Istanbul and make your holiday as well as hair transplant.


Esthetic Hair Turkey is very close to the hotel. In addition, the city’s tourist areas are very easy and short to reach. If you want to grow a beard in our center and you want to have more detailed information about beard transplant prices, please contact us.