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  • Why You Should Get a Hair Transplant?

    Hair loss is annoying for everyone. Hair shedding and baldness can cause many problems. Hair transplantation is the best treatment method for hair loss. Thanks to hair transplantation, you can regain your old appearance. Here are the reasons for having a hair transplant...

    Reasons for Having a Hair Transplant: Natural Results

    There is no permanent scar after hair transplantation with FUE and DHI hair transplantation techniques. After a successful operation, your hair will look 100% natural.

    In order to have a natural look after hair transplantation, some factors should be considered before, during and after hair transplantation:

    • Front hairline design is very important for natural results. When designing the hairline, attention should be paid to the face shape of the patient. The unnatural front hairline design causes hair transplantation to look artificial.

    • The stage of transplanting hair follicles is also important for the look to be natural. Transplanted hair should grow in the same angle and direction as natural hair.

    Painless Hair Transplant

    Many people give up hair transplantation because they are afraid of pain during the operation. However, hair transplantation is not a painful operation. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient before the operation. The sedation method can be used for those who do not want the needle stick feeling during local anesthesia.


    Hair transplantation is a simple operation. The possibility of complications during the operation is very low. If the care products and medicines recommended by the doctor are used regularly after the operation, the possibility of side effects is very low.

    Affordable Hair Transplant Prices

    Hair transplant prices are not as expensive as you think. Hair transplant prices in Turkey are quite affordable compared to Europe or the United States. If you want to know more about hair transplant prices, you can visit This page.

    Permanent Results

    Hair transplantation offers you long-lasting results. Hair transplant results are not temporary compared to other treatments. After the operation, you can have your new look for a lifetime.

    ***Hair follicles in the donor area are resistant to hair loss. This means that the hair will not be affected by male pattern hair loss. When the hair follicles are transplanted to their new place, they maintain their resistance to shedding. This means that you will have hair that will not fall out for the rest of your life.


    Hair directly affects appearance. A person with hair loss and balding may lose self-confidence. Also, the hair loss process can cause psychological problems in some people. With hair transplantation, you can get rid of this kind of depression and regain your old look.

    Your happiness is a reward for us. Do not be unhappy with problems such as hair loss and baldness. Act now. Contact us and say hello to your new look.