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  • Best Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey
    Turkey is a huge country with hundreds of doctors excelling in the medical tourism industry. This increases the competition and makes it difficult for patients to find best hair transplant doctors in Turkey. This brings us to the question how you can find them.

    How You Can Find Best Hair Transplant Doctors In Turkey

    Before you get a transplant and plan anything related to the transplant it is extremely important that you find the best clinic and the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey. This is to ensure that the doctors are experienced and qualified since in the transplant, experience of the hair transplant specialist matters the most. Along with that you should also make sure you are opting for a high quality treatment.The most important reason why you should research about the credibility, experience and qualification of the hair transplant specialist is because lack of experience will make you vulnerable to bad results. A bad transplant will obviously ruin the reputation of the hair transplant specialist. However, the worse outcome would be the physical appearance of the patients. Your appearance could be ruined even if you invest a lot of money in the transplant. Trusting the surgeon with your hair may sound difficult and risky. This is why you should make proper research because it is every patient,s right to receive quality treatment and great results. Hence, it is important to find the best hair surgeons in Turkey to minimize risks.It is a fact that Turkey is full of doctors claiming to be top hair transplant doctors in Turkey and this can make it tricky to find a legit doctor. The competition has increased over the years and everyone wants to open a hair transplant clinic due to the increase in demand and profits. The fact that hair transplants are once in a life time investment should be considered. It is vital to ensure that you choose the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey after making a thorough research on best hair surgeons in Turkey.

    Hair Transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey

    The hair transplants that Turkish doctors perform in Turkey hold well reputed global recognition. People regard Turkish doctors very highly in terms of hair transplants. They come from all around the globe to Turkey to find best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey. In most cases, people tend to choose a doctor that offers the lowest rates. However, that is exactly what you should not do. Try to find the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey based on their experience, reputation and qualification instead of the cost that they are offering.A good hair transplantation specialist will carry out a few steps prior to your transplant to rule out any concerns. He will analyze your hair type to determine what type of hair transplant would be suitable, the number of grafts that you will be needing. He will then give you an estimate cost based on the number of grafts. The best hair transplant doctors in Turkey do not have any hidden costs and create a customized plan for their patients and do not use the same technique on all patients.


    Why you should find best hair transplant doctors in Turkey

    There are various reasons why you should only choose the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey for your hair transplant. These reasons include:

    Experience, Skills and Qualification of the Doctor

    Before you research about anything, research about the experience, skills and qualification of your doctor. These are the most crucial factors and your hair transplant specialist must have them. This is because the doctor has to be extra careful at the time of collecting the grafts from the donor area. Moreover, the opening of channels also requires extra precision which only an experienced doctor can have. Small canals opened in order to place hair follicles in balding areas should be opened in accordance with the direction and angle of hair root in that region. If not operated properly, the patient may end up looking like a grass head. If your hair transplant specialist is experienced, you have nothing to worry about.

    The ability to design

    A hair transplant specialist should have a good aesthetic vision when it comes to designing the front hair line. A good surgeon will consider the skin color, the age and the face shape of the patient and design a different hairline for every patient.

    Where can you find the best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey?

    If you are having trouble finding the best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey, look no further. At Esthetic Hair Turkey, we provide only the best. You have nothing to worry about if you choose us as your hair transplant specialist. This is because we prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else.For your assurance, we offer the highest quality of aesthetic medical treatments with affordable costs with the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey. Our treatments are listed below.

    DHI hair transplant

    DHI is a very common technique that hair transplant specialist uses for the patients. This technique makes use of a tool called CHOI pen. The transplant is done in two stages in DHI.

    Sapphire Hair Transplant

    At Esthetic Hair Turkey, our best hair transplant doctors in Turkey use an advanced method and technique with developed tools and equipment such as sapphire blades for the transplant.

    FUE Hair Transplant

    This transplant serves as a permanent solution to androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern hair loss, which causes baldness in men.To find the best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey, Esthetic Hair Turkey is your stop. We make it our mission to provide top-notch services to our patients with our experienced team.