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  • Hair Transplant UK Vs Turkey

    In this article, we compare the prices of hair transplant UK vs Turkey. Keep reading if you want to find out the difference in hair transplant cost UK vs Turkey. As more and more people around the world especially UK have started opting for Turkey for hair transplants, the curiosity for hair transplant cost UK vs Turkey has grown. It is no secret that people are willing to invest in their physical appearance as long as satisfactory results are guaranteed.

    Hair Transplant in UK

    Baldness is a growing problem in this era due to excessive stress, rapid lifestyle, poor diet and growing anxiety. With rising prices for medical treatments in UK, people were paying exceedingly high amount for hair transplant in UK. However, a hair transplant in Turkey is a solution to all hair loss problems while making sure that you do not break your bank..

    In a hair transplant grafts are extracted from the donor area and transplanted in the bald areas. The process sounds simple but is critical and requires utmost attention and care. Hence, it is vital to make sure the doctor has required qualification and experience. Hair transplant in UK might sound safer but Turkish doctors are currently ruling the medical tourism industry due to their experience all while offering affordable costs. The hair transplant can make a huge difference while comparing hair transplant cost UK vs Turkey.

    Hair transplant is the ideal solution for those who want to get rid of baldness or hair thinness after hair loss. The first subject that people who are considering having hair transplant are looking for is the cost of the hair transplant operation. We specialize in hair transplants in Turkey.


    It is quite natural that someone who lives in UK wants to have hair transplant done in a clinic near his home. However, hair transplant in UK costs very high, which may lead the patient to look for another alternative. Having a hair transplant in UK means splurging 8000 pounds or more on average. This is when people question the hair transplant cost UK vs Turkey. Evidently, Turkey is way cheaper than Europe or UK. However, if you consider hair transplant UK vs Turkey in terms of quality, there will be no difference as Turkey offers high quality.High costs are charged in clinics for hair transplant in UK to cover expenses and have profits. The tools are used for hair transplant are the same in Turkey and UK. There is no difference between the two sides in terms of quality. There is no difference in the technology that is used during the operation and hair transplant techniques. The difference in hair transplant cost UK vs Turkey is due to lower wages in Turkey and the decline of Turkish Lira.



    One of the most important factors influencing people’s decision of choosing a doctor is the cost. Most people try searching for the cheapest hair transplant not considering the fact that the doctor could be unqualified or inexperienced. Currently, Turkey is on top of its game when it comes to medical tourism and offers great prices for hair transplant especially when you compare it to the cost of hair transplant in UK.  Hair transplant cost UK vs Turkey is influenced by many factors and is very different. In Turkey, you will find great deals for very low prices, which is highly unlikely to be found in UK

    At Esthetic Hair Turkey, we provide all inclusive deals for you including accommodation, transportation, hair transplant and medical treatment at a very reasonable price giving tough competition to hair transplant in UK . The reason why majority of the people prefer flying to Turkey to get aesthetic treatments done is because Turkish doctors are very experience and provide good results along with affordable pricing when comparing hair transplant cost UK vs Turkey.

    Why Istanbul is a good option for hair transplant

    The first choice of those who want to get a hair transplant in Turkey is generally Istanbul so Turkey has a higher preference rate when it comes to Hair transplant UK vs Turkey. Istanbul attracts attention with its affordable clinics and geographical advantage. Istanbul, which has lands in European and Asian continents, is only a few hours away by air from many countries, especially in the European continent unlike UK. Hence, people prefer Turkey more in hair transplant UK vs Turkey Urban transportation is also highly developed. There are two international airports in the city. One of these airports is in the part of the city on the European continent and the other part of the city in the Asian continent.

    Unlike hair transplant in UK, getting a hair transplant in Turkey will not cost you an arm and a leg. This is why Turkey is favored in hair transplant UK vs Turkey.

    Esthetic Hair Turkey successfully carries out hair transplant operations. Contact us to be informed and to discuss the costs. Fill the contact form and we will contact you.