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  • Does A Nose Job Hurt?

    It is useful to do a good research after deciding to have a nose surgery. People who want to have a nose surgery but are afraid of the pain that may arise, stop giving a good research to the process. But when the process is well researched, it can be seen that the pain that can be heard in nose surgery is not as much as exaggerated. Does a nose job hurt?

    Do Nose Jobs Hurt?

    Since rhinoplasty operations are performed under anesthesia, no pain is felt during the procedure. However, patients may feel pain when the effect of painkillers begins to pass after the procedure. For these pains, painkillers prescribed by the doctor should be used. Too much pain is not expected after surgery. But if the pain is too much to last, the doctor should be consulted. Since everyone's pain threshold is different, the pain felt after rhinoplasty will not be the same for everyone.

    Difficulty in breathing may occur days after the operation. But this situation does not cause much pain.

    The operated areas are very sensitive to any impact. Therefore, care should be taken not to touch the nose and its surroundings.

    After the operation, swelling and bruising around the eyes are experienced. These conditions can be avoided in a short time by using creams for ice application and bruising. Thanks to the developing technologies in recent years, swelling, bruising and pain have decreased significantly after surgery.


    To Whom Can Nose Job Be Done?

    Rhinoplasty can be performed to anyone who complains about the shape of the nose, whose age and health are appropriate, regardless of gender. In addition to being uncomfortable with congenital nasal shape, rhinoplasty is also performed in cases such as subsequent disruption of the nose shape (such as fracture) and difficulty in breathing.

    How To Do Nose Job?

    Nose job is performed under anesthesia. The processing time takes about 2 hours. While some patients require more than one procedure, some patients can have a single procedure that takes a short time. Therefore, the duration of the operation varies from person to person. Rhinoplasty can be done with closed and open techniques.

    Open Rhinoplasty: In this technique, an incision is made in the partition between the nostrils. The nose and the nose are shaped by removing the skin and subcutaneous tissues. This procedure offers more intervention opportunities than closed rhinoplasty. But there is a possibility of traces in this process.

    Closed Rhinoplasty: In this technique, the incisions are made through the nostrils. There is no possibility of scarring in closed rhinoplasty. However, this method is more difficult to apply than open rhinoplasty. Therefore, the expertise and experience of the doctor who will perform the procedure is very important.

    Rhinoplasty operations are carried out with great care with Esthetic Hair Turkey. You can also contact us to have rhinoplasty surgery in our center that provides services with its expert team or to have information about nose job costs.