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  • When is the Best Time for Hair Transplant?

    People that are planning to get a hair transplant often wonder what would be the best time for a hair transplant. Although a hair transplant does not require a specific season or time, the best time is when the patient feels ready for it. Most people think about getting a transplant because they are absolutely fed up of losing hair and their confidence along with it. Hair loss usually begins with a receding hair line in men and thinning of the crown in women. It can be very disturbing for your self-esteem. However, people still do not opt for a hair transplant right away. They ask questions, research about it and then come to a decision. Out of a dozen questions, the most common one is what is the best time to get hair transplant?

    We have discussed information regarding best time to do hair transplant in this article to help you make your decision.

    What is a hair transplant?

    Before talking about the best time to get a hair transplant, first let’s briefly talk about what a hair transplant is. Your doctor will begin by examining your hair type thoroughly prior to the transplant. This is to determine your hair type and the amount of grafts you will need. He will then provide you with a free quote depending on the grafts. All reputed hair transplant centers create a customized plan for their patients and do not use the same technique on all patients.

    A hair transplant helps you gain density and volume. It provides you with natural looking hair with the help of different hair transplant techniques. The most common technique is FUE. In this technique, the doctor collects hair follicles from the donor area with special micro motor tips and transplants it into the receiver area. At the end, the hair transplant doctor will leave the receiver area open and bandage the donor area. Now that we know about what a hair transplant is, it will be easier to understand best time for hair transplant.


    Best season for hair transplant

    Prior to making the decision about getting a hair transplant, patients are very concerned about the best time for hair transplant. However, there is no set ideal time since every patient is different. There is no best season for hair transplant or an ideal age. Hair transplant is just another cosmetic procedure like laser hair removal, tummy tuck, tooth alignment etc.

    Once patients get it, they regret not getting it sooner and waiting for ‘best time to get hair transplant.’ We have prepared some guidelines to help you determine your best time to get hair transplant.

    Season of the year

    There is no best season for hair transplant. However, most people prefer to get it in winters because of a few reasons. After your transplant, you can not go to a swimming pool or a beach and completely avoid direct sunlight on your scalp. This is why most people think winter is the best season for hair transplant. It is because you are not going to the beach and the sunlight is comparatively not as intense. Besides this, you are free to continue your other normal activities after the transplant. That would be as long as they do not make you sweat so much such as heavy sports.

    Age of the patient

    Generally, 20% men will experience some type of hair loss as they reach 20. By the time they reach 50, more than 85% men will face extreme hair loss. Signs of male pattern baldness are most of the times difficult to detect. People begin taking it seriously when most of the hair has already fallen out. Again, there is no ideal age if you are concerned about best time for hair transplant. However, doctors do not advise getting a hair transplant if you are under the age of 25. This is because your hairline is still developing between the ages of 18-29. Sometimes, people confuse a mature hairline to a receding hairline.

    For most people, the hair loss gets stabilized by the time they reach 35. Hence, it is a good idea to wait until that age. However, that does not mean that it is the best time to get hair transplant and you can not get it earlier. The reason you are advised to wait is so your doctor can examine the pattern of your hair loss.

    Does cost determine the best time to get hair transplant?

    Cost of the hair transplant is another factor that can help determine the best time to get hair transplant. Hair transplants may require you to save some money and once you can afford it, it would be a good time to opt for a transplant.

    In addition to that, there are also seasonal discounts that can lower the cost and help you choose the best time for hair transplant easily.

    Period of recovery

    The recovery period is an important factor that helps people decide what would be the best time for hair transplant for them. FUE is the most advanced technique or a hair transplant and even with that the initial recovery period is at least 7-10 days. You can resume your usual life and go to work 2 days after the transplant. However, some people opt to stay home and rest.

    Most people avoid going to work or socialize after the transplant until the swelling and redness is reduced and the scabs have fallen off. In this case, the holiday time when you do not have work would be the best time to get hair transplant.

    Does age determine the best time for hair transplant?

    Age does not directly determine the best time for hair transplant but it may influence it. Doctors advise to wait until the age of 35 to allow your pattern baldness to develop so they can rule out the cause and perform the transplant. However, you can still get a transplant if you are under 35. People as young as 18 opt for transplants too.



    Especially in modern times, hair is like our identity. Thanks to the fashion and cosmetic industries, our hair styles reflect who we are. However, not everybody is that lucky. Some people face hair loss or a loss in the density of their hair. People, especially men, have hair loss at some point in their lives.

    Also, women complain about the weakness of their hair at some level. This condition makes people have low self-esteem. People who have hair loss generally refer to products in the stores that promise to eliminate hair loss.