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  • Keep up with Bold Eyebrow Fashion with Eyebrow Transplant

    Eyebrow transplant is a fairly new phenomenon as compared to hair transplant and has seen a rise in demand mainly due to thick eyebrow fashion. Trends keep changing globally whether it is clothes, makeup, accessories, hair or facial hair. Similarly, new eyebrow trend is thicker and bushy eyebrows. A lot of the top models are now donning thick eyebrows more than ever before. This latest eyebrow trend has inspired many women around the globe to opt for an eyebrow transplant to achieve a fuller look and stay up to date with the new eyebrow trend.

    Besides eyebrow fashion, people opt for an eyebrow transplant due to the fact that they have lost their eyebrows due to multiple reasons. These reasons could be hereditary or non-hereditary diseases like alopecia and cancer. Every year thousands of people from all around the world come to Turkey to for an eyebrow transplant. Hormonal disorders, genetics or some diseases are the main causes behind eyebrow loss.

    What is Eyebrow Transplant?

    An eyebrow transplant is a procedure where doctors will take hair from your donor area and transplant it in your eyebrows. There are multiple reasons why people opt for an eyebrow transplant. Majority of the people opt for it for eyebrow fashion especially to follow eyebrow trend 2022. However, people also opt for it due to non-aesthetic reasons such as facial hair loss, hereditary or non-hereditary diseases and genetics. An eyebrow transplant fixes all eyebrow loss issues and gives you thicker brows helping you follow latest eyebrow trend of your choice.

    Usually, doctors use the FUE technique for the eyebrow transplant. People opt for it since in the FUE technique, the doctor does not make an incision for the transplant minimizing the risk of scarring. You will not feel any pain during the procedure due to the use of local anesthesia. This makes following new eyebrow trend painless.

    The process of eyebrow transplant

    The process of eyebrow transplant is rather simple as compared to hair transplant due to smaller transplant area. However, it requires great attention to detail. Before the transplant, the doctor analyzes the eyebrows and determines the reason of eyebrow loss. Based on the reason, he will choose a technique for the transplant and the required number of grafts. He will then determine the donor site, which is the most suitable area. In the case of eyebrow transplant, it is mostly the nape. Hair in this area are ideal for transplantation and give a natural look making it easier to follow latest eyebrow trend.

    The stages of eyebrow transplant

    • The doctor will begin by giving you local anesthesia to make the procedure pain free.
    • He will then collect the required amount of grafts from the donor area and store them for the transplant.
    • After that step, he will open the necessary channels to hold the hair roots. He will then transplant the collected hair roots to the sparse areas.
    • At the end, he will bandage the donor area.

    All these stages require a lot of attention to make sure patients receive the best results for new eyebrow trend.

    How to follow the new eyebrow trend?

    Trends are ever evolving especially if they are global trends. The latest eyebrow trend is thick and bushy eyebrows that look untamed yet attractive. Many people have opted for products such as eyebrow gels, pomades, powders etc. to achieve that look. However, some people have opted for a permanent look by getting an eyebrow transplant to follow global eyebrow fashion. While some people get an eyebrow transplant due to medical reasons, most get it to follow new eyebrow trend. However, how can you make sure that you are following the latest eyebrow trend properly with the help of a transplant?

    The most important thing to consider before getting an eyebrow transplant is the repute of the doctors, their reviews, testimonials and the reputation of the clinic where the transplant will be performed. Make sure that the doctor who will do the eyebrow transplant is an expert and experienced in his / her field. You can also request to see before and after photos of their patients to have an idea about their work. This is to ensure you get good results and are able to make your wish of following latest eyebrow trend come true.  Moreover, ensure that the doctor uses advanced technology, sanitary tools and equipment during the transplant to avoid any hurdles in achieving the best look for eyebrow fashion.

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    New eyebrow fashion: Eyebrow Transplant

    Successful procedure is not enough to achieve the desired results in eyebrow transplant. The post-operative care is just as important as the operation itself. You should carefully follow the instructions given by your doctor to make the healing process faster . This way, you can enjoy latest eyebrow trend and do not lag behind in eyebrow fashion. If you do not care about the eyebrows after the transplant, they can easily break because they cannot hold firmly in place. Therefore, during the initial days, be careful and avoid touching the eyebrows too much. You will experience swelling, itching and redness initially and it is very normal. However, you should completely avoid scratching them if you do not want to risk your eyebrow fashion. After washing your face, treat your eyebrows gently and dry them with soft towel in a patting motion. All these precautions are vital and ensure better results to follow new eyebrow trend easily.

    Eyebrow fashion at Esthetic Hair Turkey

    At Esthetic Hair Turkey, we are familiar with the latest eyebrow trend and eyebrow fashion. Hence, you do not have to worry about being in hands of someone who does not know about the new eyebrow trend. Our doctors have more than ten years of experience in the field of hair and facial hair transplantation. We ensure our patients receive the best results and are able to follow latest eyebrow trend easily. We perform eyebrow transplant in Turkey paying great attention to detail along with affordable pricing. Hence, our patients trust us and know we can help them follow the new eyebrow trend easily.