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  • What is Tip Rhinoplasty?

    Tip rhinoplasty is an aesthetic medical treatment that fixes, enhances or beautifies just the tip of the nose. It is applied to a single and small area and takes considerably shorter healing time as compared to other nasal aesthetics. Nose tip surgery may seem like a simple process since it only requires operating the tip. However, it requires a lot of attention to detail and should only be performed by an experienced and qualified doctor. Prior to the surgery, your doctor will examine and analyze your nose to rule out the problem.People get tip rhinoplasty for multiple reasons such as for beautification, diluting the nasal tip cartilage, removing the nasal tip, reducing the wings of the nose and for correcting breathing problems. There is no scarring in a rhinoplasty since the intervention to the tip of the nose is inside the nose. The operation takes approximately one hour and the patient is free to go back home right after the operation. However, for the final result, the patient will have to wait one year.

    Who can get a tip rhinoplasty?

    Most of the time, people opt for a tip plasty to enhance their facial features and look more beautiful However, there are other reasons why people get this surgery. The reasons are listed below.
    • Nose tip surgery is required in case the tip of the nose is not clear.
    • In case the support of the nose wings is weak.
    • If the tip of the nose is low.
    • The tip of the nose is asymmetrical
    • The wings of the nose tip are larger in size.
    • If the tip of the nose is separated, nose tip surgery can fix that.
    Your doctor will perform tip rhinoplasty if there is a nasal belt and the nose is asymmetrical. Nose tip surgery is only for the patients with a number of problems at the tip of the nose. Problems with other parts of the nose cannot be corrected by nose tip surgery.

    Recovery from nose tip surgery

    Nose tip surgery recovery time depends on which technique was used by the doctor. Every patient has a different recovery rate. Some recover really fast while some take their time. However, on average, the recovery period will last between 7-10 days. Patients can normally resume their daily life one week after the surgery. The first week after the tip rhinoplasty is the fastest week of recovery period. A patient may face breathing difficulties during this recovery period along with swelling and bruising. However, bruises and swelling will be greatly reduced by week 2. A month later, you will be able to witness a lot of improvement and by the third month, swelling will continue to decreased. For your nose to heal completely, it will take about a year.You can take some precautions after the surgery to promote faster healing. These precautions include
    • Avoid wearing glasses after the surgery as they can put pressure on the nose.
    • Keep your head high while laying down as this can cause your nose to swell.
    • Take a shower only 2-3 days after the operation without wetting the nasal bands.
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    How to make the recovery process faster?

    • Do not clean your nose by blowing it for at least two weeks after the nose tip surgery.
    • Avoid heavy sports and exercises for two weeks.
    • Make sure nothing hits the nose.
    • Use a pillow for supporting your head in an upright position when laying after tip rhinoplasty.
    • Avoid movements of the face and chewing food as it can cause the nose to move and put pressure on it.
    • The nose should not come in contact with anything. Make sure that no garment touches the nose when you wear or take off your clothes. Prefer wearing shirts with front button or wide collar to avoid the contact of clothes with your nose.
    • Do not use sauna, sea and pools or anything that will make your nose come in contact with water for a long time for at least a month.
    • Completely avoid smoking and consume a healthy diet to accelerate the healing process.

    Concerns after tip rhinoplasty

    After the nose tip surgery, swelling and bruises are common concerns due to the techniques that doctors use for the surgery. Headaches are also a common concern and the doctor will prescribe painkillers for any pain that you may experience after tip rhinoplasty.At Esthetic Hair Turkey, our doctors have years of experience and use the most advanced technology and techniques. Our patients always leave satisfied so you have nothing to worry about. Our nose tip surgery surgeons are the best in Turkey and they make providing best services to the patient their main target.

    Tip Rhinoplasty Cost

    There are many different factors that affect the price of this surgery such as experience and qualification of the doctor, repute of the clinic, the quality of tools and equipment and the type of technique that will be used. Prices also vary considerably according to the country and city where the operation will be.  In general, Turkey offers lower surgery costs as compared to the rest of the world especially USA, UK and European countries.This article may also interest you: Rhinoplasty Prices in TurkeyTo know more about nose tip surgery or to make an appointment with the best tip rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey for a consultation, fill the contact form and we will reach out to you ASAP.