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    Nose is very important both in terms of health and external appearance. Apart from aesthetic problems, rhinoplasty surgeries are performed for reasons such as fracture of the stop or difficulty in breathing.

    What is Rhinoplasty? How To Do?

    Rhinoplasty successfully corrects nose deformities and curvatures. With rhinoplasty surgery, the nose can be reduced, the tip of the nose can be removed, the nasal belt problem can be solved or the nostrils can be reduced. Rhinoplasty operations are performed in two ways as open and closed. Trauma in closed rhinoplasty is minimal. However, closed rhinoplasty cannot be performed in all cases. Closed rhinoplasty is often not possible, especially for problems with breathing.

    The person's nose is examined before the rhinoplasty. A decision is made with the patient as to what kind of nose is desired. Before surgery, the patient is told one by one what to pay attention. This should be carefully listened to and should not go beyond what the doctor says.

    Rhinoplasty may also be performed in patients who have had previous nose surgery. For the second time, nose surgery is usually performed to people who are not satisfied with the first surgery. The risk is higher in these revision surgeries. Therefore, these operations should be performed more carefully and meticulously.


    Factors Affecting Rhinoplasty Prices

    It wouldn't be right to give a single price for rhinoplasty surgery. Because rhinoplasty prices vary from person to person and various other factors. Rhinoplasty prices are among the factors that change;

    The operation that everyone needs is different from each other. Some people may only need to remove the tip of the nose, while others may require more changes. Therefore, prices also vary.

    Prices will change according to the doctor who will perform the rhinoplasty surgery, the experience and reputation of the doctor.

    Prices will vary according to the country where the operation will be performed and the city where the operation will be performed.


    Rhinoplasty Prices Turkey

    Turkey is one of the most notable countries in the world in health tourism. Many patients come to the country, which is highly preferred especially in nose aesthetic surgeries every year. This is the biggest cause of treatment costs in Turkey is much more affordable compared to other countries. Favorable prices alone did not make the country so popular. Experienced and successful doctors have made the country a center of attraction in health tourism.


    Istanbul Rhinoplasty Prices

    Istanbul is Turkey's most populous city and the most health center. most preferred by those who came to the city to be treated in Turkey is Istanbul. Istanbul rhinoplasty prices are also very reasonable. In addition, the city is also geographically advantageous. It is very close to the European continent, as it is located where Asia and European continents meet. There are two airports in the city which is very convenient in terms of transportation.


    Rhinoplasty operations are performed successfully with Esthetic Hair Turkey. You also have rhinoplasty surgery in our center or you can contact us to have information about the rhinoplasty costs Turkey.