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    Scarring in hair transplant is undesirable by patients. Scarring in a prominent area, such as the bass zone, can affect the person's psychology very badly. It is perfectly normal to wonder when the scars will occur after sowing. Keep reading for scar hair transplant.

    With the latest developments, hair transplant technologies have advanced considerably and the operations have been successful. FUE technique is generally used to prevent scarring in hair transplant. The trace may remain when the FUT method is applied instead of the FUE method. Therefore, whether or not there will be traces in hair transplant depends on which hair transplant method will be used. Which method to apply in hair transplant may vary according to the doctor and the patient. Criteria such as the size of the region to be transplanted and the price of transplant affect which method will be used in hair transplant.


    Is FUE Technique Traceable In Hair Transplant?

    FUE technique is a method performed using the most modern hair transplantation technologies. For successful realization, it is important that the cultivators are highly specialized. In this method, the doctor collects the healthy hair follicles at the back of the hair one by one with special tools. Then the hair follicles are placed in the opened channels in the area where hair loss occurs. Nowadays, thanks to special grooving tools, there is an end to encountering traces in hair transplantation. However, the use of poor quality tools may leave scars on the hair follicles. Some traces may also occur when performed by non-specialists. Professional hands with the latest technology devices meticulously performed operations do not have any trace. In these tools, there is no trace since the hair follicles are taken from where the hair roots are taken. Tools with a large tip are more likely to leave marks.


    Does FUT Method Leave Scars In Hair Transplant?

    There is a possibility of scarring in hair transplant performed with FUT technique. In this technique, a hair strip is cut from the back neck of the head. Because of this strip, stitch marks are seen on the neck. In the FUT technique, which is still used, the scar is likely to be a long thin scar from one ear to another. If the person performing this method is not professional enough in the field, the scar will increase in size. In addition, if the wound becomes infected, the appearance of the scar may be even worse.


    Can The Scars On The Scalp Be Covered With Hair Transplant?

    Hair analysis and hair transplant will be applied to people with special analysis. Person's hair density, hair quality and so on. determines. How the person will look after the hair transplant operation is determined. Thanks to this analysis and advanced techniques, hair transplant operations are very successful and do not need to be corrected again. However, it is natural to have small scars on your head when the hair transplant operation is over. These traces are not permanent and gradually diminish on the days following the procedure. But if you do not see a reduction in your scars, you should consult your doctor.


    Esthetic Hair Turkey hair transplant operations with a very professional team and the latest technology tools to serve you. All methods of hair transplant are performed with great success in our center. If you want to perform hair transplant without any scarring, you can make an appointment with us and consult with us about everything that you have in mind about operations.


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