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  • Teeth Whitening Costs

    Bacteria in the teeth and mouth may increase if not properly maintained. This also affects the tooth color. Smoking, coffee or tea consumption can cause yellowing or graying of the teeth. This method is ideal for those who want to whiten their teeth. With teeth whitening, the teeth regain their natural color or the desired color tone. Tooth whitening costs are one of the most curious subjects for those who decide to whiten teeth. In this article, we have brought together teeth whitening prices and the factors that affect these prices.

    What Is Tooth Whitening And Done To Whom?

    People who do not like the color of their teeth are afraid to smile or may behave like closing their mouths while laughing. The appearance of a yellow or grayish tooth may adversely affect the person's appearance and morale. With teeth whitening, patients can get rid of this bad image. Can have a healthy white smile. Briefly, teeth whitening, darkening or yellowing of the teeth that occur is the process of lightening. Teeth change color due to colored beverages, coffee and tea consumption, smoking. With tooth whitening, these color changes are prevented and the person's tooth color can be lightened up to 7-8 tons.Teeth whitening can be done to anyone who has healthy gums. However, if the person's gums are not healthy, first apply gum treatment. Teeth whitening can be started when the gums and teeth are finished.

    Factors Affecting Teeth Whitening Costs

    Teeth whitening prices vary. There are different factors that affect the change of these prices. Among these elements;• Material used,• Doctor's experience and recognition,• Tooth whitening center,• To be used in teeth whitening and• Country and city where tooth whitening will be performed.

    Teeth Whitening Costs in Turkey

    Turkey is one of the countries attracting attention in terms of health tourism. The number of people coming to the country for health tourism increases every year. Teeth whitening is one of the applications also come to the fore in health tourism in Turkey. The most important reason of Turkey's so much to be preferred are reasonable price. Teeth whitening prices in Turkey are quite affordable. Only at affordable prices it has led Turkey's successful operation is not much to be preferred. Doctors in Turkey are highly experienced and successful.

    Istanbul Teeth Whitening Costs

    The first choice of those who want to whiten your teeth and Istanbul in Turkey. Istanbul is the heart of the country and the most experienced doctors are here. Istanbul is Turkey's most populous city, and most health centers in the country are located in this city. The city is also geographically advantageous as it is located on the road connecting Asia and Europe. There are two international airports in Istanbul where transportation is very easy.Esthetic Hair Turkey is a center serving with its expert team and the latest technology tools. You can contact us to get detailed information about tooth whitening and teeth bleaching prices in our center which aims at 100% customer satisfaction.