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  • Recovery After Liposuction Surgery

    In order to gain knowledge about liposuction and its aftermath, the whole process needs to be addressed. You can learn about liposuction and after liposuction by reading this article.The purpose of liposuction is to remove fats that are resistant to go and to go away from the body. Fats that do not go in spite of sports and diet are eliminated with liposuction.

    After Liposuction Process

    After the operation, catheters are inserted into small incisions made on the skin. These probes allow the removal of liquid or blood leaks under the skin. Swelling may occur in these areas. These swellings last completely in one month. Edema and swelling after the procedure is natural. There is no need to worry about this.

    Recovery After Liposuction Surgery

    Recovery after liposuction can vary depending on the size of the process. As the number of treated areas increases, the healing time changes. The healing speed of the person also affects the healing process.After liposuction, patients are given a corset. This corset should be worn during the time determined by the doctor. The corset improves healing speed and minimizes abdominal swelling.The recovery process after liposuction lasts an average of 2 months. Heavy spores should not be performed until recovery is completed after the procedure.After liposuction, there is no permanent skin formation. However, sagging may occur in some people. The cause of sagging is that the elasticity of the skin is not sufficient. Liposuction is not recommended for people with inadequate skin elasticity. People with both regional fat and sagging skin should undergo abdominoplasty.If the operation of the liposuction is performed successfully, a very natural appearance occurs. Whether or not to gain more weight after liposuction is one of the issues that patients wonder. After liposuction, no weight gain from liposuction occurs. It is possible to gain weight again if it is not regularly fed and sports. But this has nothing to do with liposacs.

    Recovery After Liposuction

    Nutrition After Liposuction

    It is one of the subjects that the patients wonder whether a special nutrition will be made after liposuction. After the operation, regular nutrition and abundant fluid consumption should be considered. Vegetable, fruit and protein should be consumed to preserve the results after liposuction. After liposuction, weight loss given as a result of unhealthy nutrition and stay away from sports can be recovered. In short, nutritional and sports should be given importance in order to be permanent after the procedure.

    Risks After Liposuction

    Some risks may occur after the operation. Risks are minimized after a successful and successful doctor. The risks that may occur after liposuction are;

    • Operation leads to nerve or skin tissue damage,

    • Flexible and rough skin structure after the operation,

    • Inflammation in the operation areas,

    • Excessive fluid loss,

    • Risk of bleeding,

    • Skin color change after the operation and

    • Postoperative pain is high.

    With Esthetic Hair Turkey, the process before and after liposuction is successfully overcome. You can contact us if you want to have liposuction in our center which serves with expert team.