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  • Is It Possible Hair Transplant On The Scar?

     A number of injuries to the body can occur from minor mischief or accidents. When some of these wounds are on the head, it may cause hair loss. Not only accidents but also certain diseases can cause scarring and hair loss in certain areas. This will adversely affect the physical image. For this reason, people who suffer from hair loss in the head area for these and similar reasons consider hair transplant. These wounds can cause unwanted images. Therefore, it may affect social life negatively. The only way to get rid of the scars is to have hair transplant in that area. Hair transplant on the scar is not a big enough operation to be feared.

    Even if the scars are in an area that does not attract much attention, it can annoy the person while the most noticeable is in the face and head region, and these scars can affect the person psychologically quite badly. In order to get rid of the uncomfortable scar image, it is necessary to perform hair transplant to that area. It is not possible to remove the scar in the region by hair transplant. Hair transplants to the scars do not eliminate burn scars but only camouflage them. The hair that comes on top of the scars minimizes the appearance of burns and wounds. The disappearance of the scars will psychologically relieve the person and help them regain their self-confidence. With hair transplant you can get rid of this problem in a few hours and return to your social life without wasting time. In addition, scars and burns can be seen not only in the head area but also in the eyebrow, beard and mustache area. Hair transplant can also be performed in these areas. In burn marks, the success rate of first and second degree burns is quite high.

    How To Do Hair Transplant On The Scar?

    Hair transplant and technologies go further every day. Hair transplant on the scar is performed very successfully. The hair follicles are removed from the donor area for the burn scar area. Then the hair follicles are placed one by one in the area of ​​the scar. As a result of this process is extremely easy to get rid of the appearance of scarring and you will have healthy hair. Sapphire FUE hair transplant technique provides better results. However, your doctor should make the final decision.

    Hair Transplant On Scar in Turkey

    In the vast majority of people, there may be question marks as to whether scarring hair transplant works. When hair transplant is carried out by an experienced and expert team, there is no need to hesitate. If you are planning to have a hair transplant in the area where the scar is allowed, you should take care that the center you will make is reliable in this regard. You should make sure that the hair transplant doctor is an expert in the field. You can choose to Turkey for this operation. Hair transplant on scar in Turkey is significantly improved in recent years. World's come to Turkey every year thousands of people in many parts of the plantation.


    Hair Transplant on Scar Prices

    Prices are important for people who want to have scarring hair transplant. However, there is no net price for this operation. Because there are multiple factors that will change prices. Factors affecting hair transplant prices;

    • The size of the area to be transplanted,
    • Doctor who will make hair transplant (prices will increase as the recognition and experience of the doctor increases),
    • Hair transplant clinic,
    • Hair transplant technique,
    • Prices vary according to the country and city where hair transplant will be performed.



    Hair Transplant on Scar Prices in Turkey

    Turkey is one of the countries attracting the most attention in medical tourism. Every year millions of people come to the country for health tourism. Hair transplant is also a highly preferred operation by foreigners in the country. The first reason is that it is very affordable price of hair transplant in Turkey. Hair transplant on scar prices in Turkey are quite affordable. Favorable prices alone have not made the country so popular. Successful operations and experienced doctors have contributed to the country's preference for this.

    Hair Transplant on Scar Prices in Istanbul

    Istanbul is the most crowded city in Turkey. Istanbul is also a city in Turkey's most preferred medical tourism. Hair transplant on scar prices in Istanbul are quite reasonable. There are many clinics in Istanbul where you can have a hair transplant. If you choose Esthetic Hair Turkey among these clinics, you will not regret it. Your hair transplant process will be very comfortable with airport transfer and accommodation packages. You can also explore the historical and cultural beauties of Istanbul during your stay here for hair transplant.

    Hair transplant in Esthetic Hair Turkey is carried out with great care. Our company, which gives 100% customer and patient importance, performs hair transplant successfully with its expert staff. If you are thinking about hair transplant in Istanbul, do not forget to contact us.