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  • How Much Does A Zirconia Bridge Cost?

    Bridge is a treatment method used to fill the cavities by supporting from neighboring teeth in one or more tooth losses. Zirconia bridge is one of the techniques used in dental bridge. Zirconia bridge for those who want to have information about zirconia bridge costs can read this article.

    Zirconia Bridge

    Zirconia is a very durable white hard material that can be easily matched with teeth and gums. It is also used in tooth coating. The disadvantages of this treatment are the lack of natural appearance of the metal-supported coatings, the oxidation and darkening of the metal over time. Zirconia has prevented such negativities. Also zirconia is quite durable. Its durability and natural appearance have led to the use of blind treatment. More aesthetic and durable bridges are made with zirconia. Zirconia metal grayness and coloration is not seen. However, it is not preferred in long bridges because it is a very hard material.

    After deciding on the construction of a zirconia bridge, teeth are cut with local anesthesia. The patient's measurements are taken. Temporary bridges are installed until customized bridges are prepared. The most appropriate porcelain color is determined for the tooth color of the patient. Substructure rehearsal and finished bridge rehearsal are then performed. A specially prepared zirconia bridge is attached to the patient's measurements.

    Zirconia Bridge Costs

    It is not correct to give a single range for zirconia bridge costs. There are many factors affecting prices.

    • The center where the treatment will be performed,
    • The doctor and the experience of the doctor,
    • Whether additional treatment is needed,
    • Number of teeth to be treated,
    • Zirconia bridge costs vary according to the country or city where the treatment is performed.

    Zirconia Bridge Costs in Turkey

    Turkey is among the countries attracting attention in the health sector. Every year millions of people are choosing to Turkey for various treatments. This includes dental treatments. Another reason for the preference for Turkey are so many affordable prices. Zirconia bridge costs in Turkey is quite affordable. Another reason is successful and experienced doctors. Successful operations have increased the attractiveness of the country.

    Zirconia Bridge Costs in Istanbul

    Istanbul is the most crowded city in Turkey. Istanbul is the first choice of many local and foreign people for health tourism. Istanbul is also very comfortable in terms of transportation. As it connects Asia and Europe continents, it is especially close to many European countries. Urban transportation is also highly developed. There are two international airports in Istanbul. Zirconia bridge costs in Istanbul are also very reasonable.

    With Esthetic Hair Turkey, dental treatments are performed with care. Care is taken to ensure that the patient is comfortable before and after treatment. You can also contact us for information about zirconia bridge prices.


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