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    One of the most important points of those who want to have canal treatment is the prices of this treatment. For this reason, we have brought together canal treatment prices and factors that affect prices for you. Keep reading for root canal in Istanbul.

    What is Root Canal Treatment?

    Root canal treatment is a method of treatment in cases where tooth decay has reached the lowest parts of the tooth, namely pulp. It is performed under local anesthesia. In this way, no pain or pain is felt during the procedure. In the treatment of root canal is first removed bruise. The inflamed pulp tissue in the center of the tooth is removed. This empty channel is filled with suitable material. Finally, the top of the tooth is covered with the filling material or the tooth. This treatment usually ends in one session. However, two or more sessions can be held if needed. Session time varies between half an hour and an hour. Root canal treatment is not only due to tooth decay. Strokes on the teeth can kill the pulp tissue, or canal treatment may be needed as a result of incorrect and high fillings.

    After the canal treatment, the tooth becomes brittle because the tooth has no nerves. Various techniques can be applied to make the tooth more durable. However, after treatment, very hard foods should not be consumed, teeth should be sensitive to. It is thought that the teeth will not decay because the teeth lose their vitality after root canal treatment. However, if the oral care is not done well, the teeth continue to decay. If enough care is taken for oral care, the teeth will be with you for many years.

    Root Canal Costs

    Root canal treatment prices vary according to many factors. Prices vary depending on the number of teeth to be treated, the experience or the recognition of the dentist who will perform the treatment. The treatment center also affects prices. Prices for canal treatment vary from country to country and from city to city.

    Root Canal Costs in Turkey

    Turkey is one of the leading countries in terms of health tourism. Every year the number of people coming to the country for health tourism increases exponentially. The most important reason for this is the reasonable prices. canal treatment prices in Turkey are quite affordable. The only reason so many of Turkey's preference is not appropriate pricing policy. Experienced and successful doctors have made the country even more preferred.

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    Root Canal Costs in Istanbul

    In terms of health tourism is the most preferred city of Istanbul in Turkey. Istanbul is the heart of the country. Istanbul, Turkey's most populous city is having, and most health center. Istanbul is also very advantageous in terms of transportation. It connects the continent of Europe and Asia and is very close to many countries. There are two international airports in the city.

    Root canal treatment and other dental treatments are successfully performed with Esthetic Hair Turkey. You can contact us to get information about root canal prices.

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