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  • Hollywood Smile Prices in Turkey

    You can read this article to learn about Hollywood smile prices in Turkey.

    Hollywood Smile Prices

    Hollywood smile is not an application made with a single treatment method. Therefore, it is not possible to give a single price for this transaction. Hollywood smile treatment methods to be used, the doctor will perform the treatment and the prices will vary according to the country of application.

    Hollywood Smile Prices in Turkey

    Turkey is one country which is at the forefront of health tourism. One of the biggest reasons is because of the health sector in Turkey with fairly reasonable prices. Another reason is that they are quite experienced and successful professionals in Turkey. Hollywood smile prices in Turkey is quite affordable.

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    Hollywood Smile Prices in Istanbul

    Istanbul is the most crowded city in Turkey. Most health centers and doctors are located in this province. Istanbul is also very lucky in terms of transportation. It is the bridge connecting Europe and Asia. Therefore, it is very close to many countries. There are also two international airports in the city.

    What is Hollywood Smile?

    With Hollywood smile, symmetrical and aesthetic teeth are achieved. A healthy image is obtained in both the teeth and gums. The smile design provides a more energetic and youthful look. When it is decided to make a Hollywood smile, the patient's current tooth and jaw structure is examined first. Measurements are taken and how the person's smile and teeth are seen together with the patient is decided. Using a variety of technologies, a design is made by looking at the patient's teeth, face and lip ratios in a virtual environment. The treatment methods required to achieve this design are applied. The treatment methods used in Hollywood smile design are usually teeth whitening, tooth covering and dental implant.

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    Teeth Whitening: Yellowing and graying of the teeth may occur for various reasons. Discoloration of teeth can disrupt one's morale and self-confidence. This situation changes the smile quite undesirable. With teeth whitening, the person's tooth color is regulated. You can have healthy white teeth.

    Tooth Implant: Tooth loss is a condition that greatly reduces smile. People who have lost their teeth try to hide their teeth while laughing and even try to close their mouths and hands. The dental implant prevents the appearance of the missing tooth. The person has natural teeth that seem to have never lost their teeth.

    Veneers: It is a coating applied to the front parts of the tooth surfaces by abrasion. This application is applied for intermittent, crooked, broken, yellow or small teeth that do not have an aesthetic appearance. These coated teeth are light transmissive. Thus, they have an indistinguishable appearance from natural teeth.

    Esthetic Hair Turkey determines the ideal smile design for you. You also want to make you smile in our design center and if you want to have information about Hollywood smile prices in Turkey you can contact us.