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  • Before and After Abdominoplasty

    Before deciding to have an abdominal surgery, you should be informed about all the procedures. For this purpose, we prepared this article about the process before and after abdominoplasty.

    Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

    Excessive weight gain, diseases, genetics or birth may result in excessive fat in the abdomen and sagging of the skin. This undesirable situation will depress one's morale. In order to get rid of this image that does not go in spite of sports and diet, professional help is essential. Abdominal fat and sagging skin is the most ideal treatment method in the case of abdominoplasty. The aim of abdominal prosthesis is to remove sagging skin and tighten relaxed muscles. To make the abdomen more straight and taut. Abdominoplasty surgery removes excess fat in the abdomen. Drooping skin is removed. The abdominal muscles are tightened. Since the operation was performed with an incision, a scar remains after the procedure. However, this trace is arranged to remain in the underwear. In this way, bikini and belly exposed clothes can be worn easily.


    Before and After Abdominoplasty Process

    Before Abdominoplasty

    Abdominoplasty is an important surgery. When the amount of tissue and blood loss is considered to be high, it is very important to carry out the necessary preparations and examinations carefully. The use of blood thinners should be discontinued before surgery. The patient should tell the doctor fully about his / her health history. If a medication is used regularly, it should be mentioned in your doctor. Weight gain of overweight patients before abdominal surgery will increase the success of the procedure.


    After Abdominoplasty

    Everyone's healing speed and pain threshold are different. Therefore, the postoperative recovery process varies from person to person. The process and recovery after abdominoplasty varies according to the size of the operation and the technique used in the operation. People who have undergone mini abdominoplasty have a shorter recovery time than those with full abdominoplasty. Pain relief is prescribed by the doctor for the pain that may occur after surgery. In case of any pain these drugs can be used.

    Considerations After Abdominoplasty

    • After the operation, you should walk slightly forward due to abdominal tension. The legs should not be lying flat while lying down and should be laid by pulling slightly towards the abdomen.

    • Taking short walks after surgery will help to eliminate edema and prevent clotting problems.

    • The patient is given a corset after the operation. This corset should be worn without interruption for the period specified by the doctor.

    • Heavy spores and abdominal exercises should be avoided after surgery.

    • Sudden movements and heavy lifting increase intra-abdominal pressure. This could force the stitches. Therefore, such actions should be avoided.

    • After the surgery, the bandages can be removed and a bath can be applied. During bathing, high pressure water should not come into the abdomen.

    • To reduce the appearance of scars left after surgery, the products given by the doctor should be used without interruption.


    Abdominal surgery with Esthetic Hair Turkey is performed with great success and meticulously. If you want to know the prices and know about the procedure, you can contact us.