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  • Things to Consider After Eyebrow Transplant

    Various factors can cause a person's eyebrows to fall out. If the new eyebrows are not replaced, this can spoil the person's morale. Eyebrow transplant is the best solution in these cases. Thanks to eyebrow hair transplantation, the person gets more lush eyebrows permanently. In order to achieve the desired results in eyebrow operation, it is not enough to pass the operation successfully. The post-operative process should also be best avoided. For this reason, in this article, we shared the things to be considered after eyebrow transplant.

    What is Eyebrow Transplant?

    Eyebrow transplant is an operation performed for those who have space in their eyebrows or who want to have more lush eyebrows. Eyebrow operation is the operation of transplanting hair or hair follicles taken from one's own body to eyebrowless areas. At the end of the operation, the person has natural and bushy eyebrows.

    Eyebrow implant is a very careful operation. Since the operation is performed face to face, it is an operation that requires much more attention than other operations. Unsuccessful eyebrow hair transplantation causes the patient's eyebrows to come out at a right angle, which makes the patient's eyebrows look like thorns or grass. Without proper planning, new eyebrows of eyebrow implant may not suit the patient's face. Therefore, before eyebrow implant, the patient's eyebrows should be designed according to the face shape. After the eyebrow design is made, it is determined how many grafts are needed. The donor region is determined. Nape is preferred as donor region. Nape hair, beard and eyebrow planting is the ideal region.

    Eyebrow transplant is performed under anesthesia. Therefore, no pain is felt during the procedure. In the operation, first, the hair follicles in the donor area are collected. Small canals are opened to hold new eyebrows in areas without eyebrows. These canals should be opened considering the natural angle of the eyebrows. Canals should not be opened too often or too rarely. After opening the canals, the collected hair roots are opened to these canals.

    Eyebrow implant process does not last as long as hair transplant. Because the operation is done in a much smaller area compared to hair transplant in eyebrow hair transplant. The average duration of the operation is 2-3 hours.

    To Whom can Make Eyebrow Implant

    • Those who want to make their eyebrows stronger,
    • Those who lost their eyebrows after an accident, burn or illness,
    • Sparse eyebrows,
    • Eyebrow implant can be done to those who completely shed their eyebrows.

    If the eyebrow implant is performed successfully, it will have the same appearance as the natural eyebrows. From the outside it is not clear that eyebrows are transplanted.

    Eyebrows begin to grow after transplant. After the operation, most of the eyebrows are lost in shock loss. The regrowth of the eyebrows takes between 4-8 months. It takes about 1 year for the eyebrows to get their final shape. Since everyone's metabolism and recovery rate are different, this period may vary from person to person. In some people, eyebrows may become final sooner.

    Can the transplanted eyebrows be removed with tweezers? This question can get confused in some people's minds. Yes, the transplanted eyebrows can be taken with tweezers. However, if the eyebrows are taken 5-6 days after the operation, the eyebrows will be removed together with the hair roots. If it is taken after 2 weeks, it may or may not resume.


    First Week After Eyebrow Transplant

    After the eyebrow transplant, it takes time for the eyebrows to fully adapt to and hold onto their places. In this process, eyebrows are very sensitive and can be easily damaged. For this reason, especially the first week of the eyebrows should not take any impact. Avoid direct sunlight.

    First Wash After Eyebrow Implant

    The first wash is carried out at the hair transplant center for 3 days after eyebrow transplant. This wash must be treated very gently and delicately. Newly transplanted eyebrows can break easily as they cannot hold firmly in place yet. Therefore, care should be taken when cleaning eyebrows. Eyebrows should not be washed with too hot or too cold water and the water should not be too pressurized. The towel used when drying the face should be soft and should not be rubbed on the face.

    Side Effects After Eyebrow Transplant

    Redness, itching, pain, crusting and acne may occur after transplantation. These are temporary effects. Particularly after the first wash, scaling and redness of the eyebrow roots are greatly reduced. New eyebrows that are transplanted cannot get used to their places and may die even in small strokes. For this reason, the scabbling that occurs in the eyebrows should not be touched and the eyebrows should never be scratched.

    Shock Shedding After Eyebrow Implantation

    A few weeks after the eyebrow transplant, the so-called shock hair loss process begins. At this stage, the transplanted eyebrows begin to shed. Patients who see the spilled eyebrows may think that the transplant operation has failed. However, this shock shedding does not indicate a failed operation. Conversely, it indicates successful. This stage, called shock shedding, is seen in almost everyone who has eyebrow implant. After the eyebrows are shed, new eyebrows are replaced.



    Swelling After Eyebrow Implant

    Eyebrow transplant is an operation that requires extra care because it is done to the face. As a result of this operation, slight swelling may be seen in the eye area, eyebrows or donor area. These swellings disappear in a short time. Cold compresses can be made to remove swelling in a shorter time.

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