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  • How Should an İdeal Smile Design Be?

    Smile design is the application of the desired smile to the person taking into consideration the factors such as lips, teeth, face shape, gums and skin color. Smile design is to recreate one's smile with the merger of art and dentistry.

    How to Make an Ideal Smile?

    Having an aesthetic and beautiful smile is something everyone can ask for. To have an ideal smile, the tooth structure and alignment should be smooth. The teeth should not overlap. The upper front teeth should be in the foreground. Teeth should be clean and white. The teeth should not be stained or discolored. The lips and gums should be compatible. Gums should not be seen much when a person laughs. The tooth structure should match the face shape.

    How to Design a Smile?

    Smile design is made by taking into consideration factors such as face shape, gender, age and desires. Smile design is done using aesthetic methods. The treatment methods appropriate to the patient's needs are determined and prepared individually. A smile design that is not tailor-made may not suit the patient and may make it look exactly the same as people who do the same treatment. While smile design may require only teeth whitening in some patients, multiple applications may be required in some patients. For example; A patient with a tooth deficiency should be implanted first, or braces should be applied to patients with crooked and overlapping teeth. After the smile design is made, the patient is shown how to have a smile. Even with special waxes aesthetic teeth can be rehearsed.

    Things to Consider When Designing a Smile

    • The wishes of the patient should be carefully listened in the smile design and no application should be made which they do not want.

    • Teeth are an important part of the whole. In order to ensure the integrity and correctness of the person's face shape should be paid attention.

    • It is a factor to be considered in gender smile design. The smile design for women and the smile design for men will be different from each other. While females have softer calligraphy and oval teeth, men have angular teeth.

    Which Treatment Methods can Be Applied in Smile Design?

    Teeth Whitening: To have the desired whiteness of teeth is a must for a beautiful smile. It is impossible to have an ideal smile with yellowing or grayed teeth. Therefore, teeth whitening treatment is applied to people who do not have the desired whiteness.

    Zirconium: It is a treatment used in smile design. With zirconium, the results are the closest to the natural tooth appearance. For more information about zirconium, you can read this article.

    Orthodontic Techniques: The correct alignment of the teeth is important for the ideal smile. For those with crooked teeth, teeth can be corrected with braces.

    Dental Implant: Missing teeth will affect the smile negatively. Therefore, the appearance of missing teeth should be prevented with implant treatment.

    With Esthetic Hair Turkey, the smile design that best suits you is just a phone call away. You can also request an appointment to have the smile of your dreams. You can contact us to get information about smile design prices.