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  • Side Effects of Hair Transplant

    It is normal for patients to fear the side effect of hair transplant before the procedure. A hair transplant is a very safe process when it is carried out by experts in a reliable center. However, there are some rules that ensure safety during the transplant. Keep reading to know hair transplant long term side effects.

    What are the side effect of hair transplant?

    Hair transplant is the transfer of hair follicles taken from one’s own body to balding areas. Hair transplant can be done with different techniques such as FUE technique, sapphire FUE technique and DHI hair transplant are the most preferred hair transplant methods. Even if the methods are different, the stages of hair transplant are almost the same.Most  people, before opting for a transplant, research the most about the side effect of hair transplant to know what they will be getting into. Hair transplant long term side effects vary from person to person but the most common ones include the following.


    The most common side effect of hair transplant is swelling and it becomes visible a few days after the operation. The opening of many micro channels to the scalp and the body’s reaction may trigger swelling. This swelling is not one of the hair transplant long-term side effects. Swelling lasts about 2-3 days. You can heal it faster with a few simple precautions.


    Bleeding occurring in the process is another side effect of hair transplant. Mild bleeding is normal in these areas after sowing. But if the intensity of bleeding increases, a doctor should be consulted. This mild bleeding usually heals a few days after the operation.


    You may notice itching and prickling sensation in the scalp as an initial side effect of hair transplant. Be careful not to touch these itchy areas. Upon itching, you can risk the new hair and they may get damaged. Methods such as washing and massage after hair transplantation help end the itching in a shorter time.


    The crusting that occurs after planting takes place when the blood that joins the roots of the sheet begins to dry within a few days. It is part of hair transplantation. These shells will fall off on their own and you should not pull them. This is not one of the hair transplant long term side effects.


    Another point seen as the side effect of hair transplant is acne. After sheet transplant, you will notice small skin lesions in the treated areas. These lesions are usually present in the bottom of the hair.



    Before hair transplant, various tests are performed to determine whether the patient is suitable for the operation. If the patient is suitable for hair transplant, the analysis and planning phase starts. At this stage, the doctor analyzes the patient’s hair structure and degree of shedding. Then, the doctor will decide how many grafts you will need. Front hairline design is made if necessary. The patient is then prepared for operation.


    The hair transplant specialist will collect required number of hair follicles from the donor area, open the small canals to hold these hair follicles to the balding areas. The hair follicles collected in these canals are transferred with special tools.


    There is no need to stay in the hospital after the operation. The patient can return to his daily life. The clinic will ask you to come 3 days after the procedure for the first wash as the first wash requires attention and professionalism.

    Redness, itching and scabbing are normal after hair transplant but these are not hair transplant long term side effects. These problems greatly reduce after the first wash and go away over time.

    After the hair transplant the patients should be cautious until the scalp heals and the hair gets attached firmly. Patient should avoid touching the scalp and avoid heavy sports as it can cause excessive sweating in the scalp. Moreover, the patient should also avoid letting the clothing touch the hair when wearing or removing clothes.

    Hair transplant should be done to those whose hair loss level is not certain. People who are not yet certain of how much hair will be shed may have to have hair transplanted again in the future.

    Hair transplants in reliable centers ensure no hair transplant long term side effect is encountered. However, after the transplant sensitivity, bruising, redness and small crusting may occur as common side effect of hair transplant. These are extremely natural and temporary. Other common side effect of transplant include inflammation of the hair follicle, circumferential hair loss, numbness in the donor area, hair roots extending in the wrong direction and the emergence of sown roots. Rare side effects; infection, dermoid cyst, pigment deformation and necrosis.

    Hair transplant services performed in our center are performed with expert staff in a clean and reliable way. Esthetic Hair Turkey ensures safety and has extremely low rate for hair transplant long term side effects. If you plan to have hair transplant in Esthetic Hair Turkey, you should make your appointment as soon as possible.



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