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  • What if I do not have enough donor hair for transplant?

    In hair transplant, the donor region is the region where the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken to the shed area. Donor region and the insufficiency of this article we write about you can reach the curiosity. Keep reading for not enough donor hair for transplant


    What Does the Donor Area Mean?

    Donor is a term used for many different operations, not just for hair transplant operations. In hair transplant, the donor area is the area where healthy hair follicles are taken for transplant. It is also called a donor zone. The most ideal and most commonly used area as a donor area is the nape of the back of the head. Different regions of the body can also be used as donor areas. The donor area is only taken from the person's own body. It cannot be used as the donor are of someone else's body.


    Why is the Donor Area Important in Hair Transplant?

    The hair density and hair quality in the donor area is very important for successful hair transplant operation. The number of hair follicles taken from the donor area is very important for densification of hair in October. When the areas where there are not enough hair follicles are selected as donor regions, the hair is rarely seen. In a hair transplant operation that is not lush and frequent enough, it becomes apparent that the person's hair is shed.


    How to Decide Donor Area in Hair Transplant?

    When selecting a donor region, the size of the donor region, the number of hair follicles in the area and the quality of the hair are examined. Places with a much smaller number of hair follicles than needed are not selected as donor sites.

    People with thin and thin hair need more hair follicles to make their hair look lush. For this reason, people with thicker hair are transplanted with fewer hair follicles. Therefore, the hair structure directly affects donor site selection.

    The number of hair follicles per square centimeter determines the density of the donor area. Low density regions cannot be used as donor regions.

     not enough donor for hair transplant


    Not Enough Donor Hair for Transplant



    People who come for transplant may have patients with very high baldness, or those with a nuchal area that are inadequate to receive donors. The neck is ideal for donor area. However, if the number of hair follicles in this region is insufficient, other parts of the body can be used as a donor area. If the donor area is insufficient, the beard, chin, shoulder area, leg area or arms can be used as donor area.

    If the person does not have a disease or problem for the procedure, the donor area is absolutely present. It is not difficult to find a donor area in the human body. Because the hair follicles are coded to avoid shedding in many areas.


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