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    Briefly, grooving in hair transplant is the slots opened for transplanting hair follicles to the shedding area. There are different techniques in hair transplant. The grooving process may also vary according to the technique to be applied.

    In hair transplant, the canals opened for the transplanted hair follicles to adapt to their new places are very important. Planted hair should grow in the same angle and in the same direction as the other hair. Improperly opened channels cause the planting process to fail. Such misleading operations are depressing for patients. Correction of the error also tears the person materially and spiritually.


    How To Do Open Canal in Hair Transplant

    Correct opening of the canals directly affects the success of hair transplantation operation. The results are quite natural in the right angle and direction hair transplant.

    The most important point to be considered when opening the channels is the front hairline. In order to achieve a natural appearance after planting, the front hairline must be designed correctly. The front hairline should be made considering the criteria such as face shape, hair structure, forehead width. Hair planted in this area should be narrow angle.

    For successful sowing, the widths and angles of the channels should be compatible with the grafts. If the width of the ducts is not proportional to the hair follicles, the roots have difficulty attaching to the region.

    Another thing to consider when opening the channel is to open the channels at the right angle. Canals should be opened in accordance with the natural direction of the hair. The angle is very important for the hair to look natural and not to be understood as planting. People in channels opened with a right angle lead to the image of man in the grass. The grass man image is a thorn-like image formed as a result of the patient's hair growing vertically. This image is undesirable in hair transplant.

    The ducts should be opened taking care of the direction of the person's hair and the head structure. The angles of the channels vary from region to region. Therefore, the canals should not be opened at the same angle to all hair. The canals to be opened to the front hairline should be opened at an angle of about 30 degrees. Canals opening to temples should be about 45 degrees. As the angle of the forehead and the surrounding area is extended to the front, the direction of the grooves behind the peak area should be in the nape region.

    The depth of the canals opened is also very important. Canals opening too close to the surface make it difficult for the hair to stick to the skin. Roots that cannot touch enough will not be able to feed and will experience ruptures. Excessive deep grooves will damage the vessels and cause the hair follicles to not feed enough.

    In hair transplant, how many and how often the canals open is also important. The frequency of the canals are usually related to the adequacy of the donor region. If the donor area is sufficient in terms of hair follicles, more canals can be opened to make the hair more frequent. However, opening the canals too much is a matter that needs to be done carefully. It is important that the doctor is experienced in this area. Opening the channels too often causes the roots to increase and become more frequent. This may cause malnutrition of the roots. Or the hair follicles planted too close may not hold onto the skin.


    Correct opening of the canals is a must for a successful hair transplant. In order to open the right canals, the physician must be expert and experienced in the field. Esthetic Hair Turkey draws attention at this point. You can perform your hair transplant successfully in our center which provides service with highly experienced expert staff in the field. You can contact us to get information about FUE hair transplant.