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  • After Beard Transplant

    Beard transplant is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations by men, which is why the process of beard transplant recovery is crucial to know. Beard transplantation is a treatment method that helps with beard loss or infrequency of facial hair growth.Briefly, beard transplant is the process of transferring hair follicles from the neck to sparse areas. With this process, the person gets natural and bushy beard. Different techniques are used for the process. Beard planting with DHI and FUE techniques are very successful and gives natural results.

    Before the beard transplant

    The patient should explain his/her health history in full. If they use regular medicines, they should talk to the doctor. You should not use drugs such as blood thinners before the operation.Smoking increases the risk of complications during the procedure and slows down the healing rate. Therefore, you should suspend smoking before the procedure. You should prefer wide collar clothing that can be easily worn and removed on the day of operation. The more you follow your doctor’s instructions before beard transplant, the smoother your beard transplant recovery will be in beard transplant after one week.Before beard transplant, your doctor will perform various tests on you. If the health status of the patient is suitable for beard transplant, the planning phase starts. In the planning stage, the surgeon will determine the beard structure, the level of shedding and the donor region. Most doctors prefer nape as a donor site since it is the most ideal donor area for hair, beard and eyebrow transplant. However, in some cases, hair structure or hair density on the back of the neck may not be sufficient for beard transplant. In such cases, the doctor will consider other areas of the patient’s body as the donor site. Donor areas that can be used outside the nape;
    • Shoulder,
    • Legs,
    • Chest,
    • Chin
    • Arms.
    After the planning, it is time for transplant. Anesthesia is given to the patient before beard transplant, which makes the operation painless. The procedure starts by collecting the hair follicles in the donor area. Then, your surgeon will open the canals to allow the transplantation of hair follicles in hairless areas. After the operation, the doctor will bandage and treat the areas that are open. Since this is such a complex procedure, it is vital to make sure your surgeon is experienced and has the capability to ensure quick and painless beard transplant recovery.


    Beard Transplant after One Week

    The healing of beard transplant after one week  varies from person to person. Some people may recover shorter, while others may take longer. However, after the treatment, the recovery period is considerably short. In beard transplant after one week, recovery is quite rapid. Crust, redness and itching occur as a part of beard transplant recovery process. You should not touch the shells or itch the beard.After the beard transplantation, the beards that cannot hold their places sufficiently can easily be damaged and die in any stroke. For this reason, you should make sure that the beards do not get any blow especially during the beard transplant after one week period. Do not rub your beard against the pillow or quilt when lying down. It is crucial to use the after care products recommended to you by your doctor. This prevents crusting, pimples and itching.After the transplantation, the beard transplant recovery process lasts for 8 months to 12 months. During this period, beard care should be done without interruption. Do not use any products other than those prescribed by the doctor. Especially chemical products should be avoided.

    Washing during beard transplant recovery

    In beard transplant after one week, you will witness crusting and redness. The medical team will carry out the first wash after your transplant 3 days after the operation in order to remove the crusts. This washing is a very careful process. Any impact on the area where the planting is carried out can cause damage and rupture of the transplanted hair follicles. For this reason, the doctor advises you to get your first wash at the clinic. However, Subsequent washing is done by the person himself.
    • You should treat your beard gently at home with gentle washing. Washing should not be too harsh to avoid damaging the hair follicles.
    • Do not wash your beard with very hot or cold water. Wash the beard with warm water.
    • Do not be harsh when drying the beard. Towel should be soft.

    Shock loss after beard transplant

    In a beard transplant after one week, you may experience a shock shedding phase. The hair follicles planted at this stage shed suddenly. One does not need to worry about this because after shedding, the beards grow again in a healthier way.

    after beard transplant

    Aftercare instructions

    All doctors usually recommend against using the razor to shave for the first six months after the operation.The content of the products to be used for maintenance is very important. Products that contain excess chemicals will not help beard transplant recovery. In a beard transplant after one week, consuming vitamins and minerals is also very useful Taking vitamin supplements and eating regularly makes the beards grow healthier and faster.At Esthetic Hair Turkey, we carry out all stages of beard transplantation successfully. You can  contact us  if you want to have a beard transplant in our center and have detailed information about beard transplant prices or learn about beard transplant recovery.You might also be interested in:Beard Transplant Surgery In TurkeyThe Beard Always More Trendy