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    The appearance of hair loss and hair loss after shedding may spoil the place. Permanent hair loss does not prevent shedding and baldness by living medications and other treatment methods. Hair transplant is the only solution. Keep reading for things to consider after hair transplant.

    Before, during and after the operation, it is very important for a hair transplant operation to be carried out successfully. Care is taken to clean the hair transplant, there are points to be considered as a result.

    After Hair Transplant

    Fue hair transplant was a process ending with the end of the operation. After the operation, the hair transplant is extremely successful. After hair transplant, it takes about 1 year for the hair to become the oldest son. In this time period, the doctor's instructions should be strictly followed in order to prevent hair damage and healthy growth. After the hair transplant is done, the recovery process needs to be paid attention.

    1.Transplant Configuration Area After Hair Transplant

    The first week after hair transplant is the most critical process. In the process, the hair follicles are not yet accustomed to their new location and may break or damage them. Care is taken to ensure that the transplanted areas after the treatment do not receive a blow. You shouldn't go out in the direct sun, so if you can get it out, wear a soft hat.

    7 Things to Consider After Hair Transplant

    2. Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

    First wash after hair transplant. He/She is very gentle and meticulous in this wash. Any hard blow or wrong action may cause hair loss to be done by an expert. Other washings can be done by the person himself. Make sure that there is no hot or cold water under the water after the first wash. In addition, water was not very pressurized.

    3. Itching After Hair Transplant

    Itching may occur after hair transplantat. Itching, redness, acne and scabbing are natural. In a row at the crusting point of wounds after transplant. These shells are untouched. Shells are required to fall out on their own.


    4. Sleeping After Hair Transplant 

    After sleeping, the head pillow is not placed directly while sleeping. The hair follicles transplanted in sleep may fall out as they rub onto the pillow. Therefore, make sure to lie upright and that the area being transplanted does not touch the pillow.


    5. Hygiene After Hair Transplant

    After hair transplant, clean the cover by closing. Causes of perspiration to be avoided from situation situations. Because sweat poses a risk of cleaning in the transplanted area. Therefore, care should be taken not to stop in very hot environments and heavy sports should be interrupted.


    6. Shock Shedding After Hair Transplant

    After 15 days of hair transplant, the transplanted hair roots begin to fall out. Those who are not familiar with the process of shedding may experience uneasiness. But there is no need to worry about this situation. Shock shedding process is seen in almost everyone who has hair transplant. Instead of shedding hair, new hair grows over time.

    7 Things to Consider After Hair Transplant

    7. Sports After Hair Transplant

    The question is that those who make a part of their lives and who do sport as a business never interrupt their sport. Can sports be performed after hair transplant? This question is very important for these people. Sports after hair transplant can damage the hair of the patient. Therefore, heavy spores should be suspended for a while after hair transplant. Sports that may cause sweating should be avoided for a while. Slightly brisk walks can be done a few days after hair transplant. However, care should be taken not to exhaust the body during walking. Light spores can be done for a while after hair transplant. However, if a bleeding occurs during sports, consult a doctor.

    After FUE technique, it is recommended not to do sports for 1-2 months after hair transplant. Because the sport can cause damage to the transplanted hair follicles. During sports, the body is stretched, the head may be impacted or sweated. In addition, doing sports prevents the healing of hair follicles. Because blood pressure and heart rate increases while doing sports. This causes bleeding in the canals where the hair follicles are placed.

    FUT method of hair transplant should be more careful. In the FUE technique, the hair follicles are collected individually with special tips. In the FUT technique, the hair follicles are removed from the donor area as a strip. Therefore, more care should be taken to protect the donor area after FUT hair transplant.

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    Esthetic Hair Turkey with plantation operations are quite successful. Our center follows the process after hair transplant. You can also consult us with anything you want hair transplant before and after. You can contact us for your hair transplant in our center.