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  • 6 Things to Consider Before Hair Transplant

     Hair transplant is ideal for people who have lost their hair for various reasons. After deciding to have hair transplant, there are some things to consider before the operation. Keep reading for thing to consider hair transplant.

    What is Hair Transplant?

    Seasonal changes, hormonal causes, nutritional disorders, injuries or diseases can cause hair loss in people. But not all hair loss is the same. Some hair loss is temporary, while others may be permanent. In the case of temporary hair loss, hair loss can be prevented by the correct treatments and new hair may be replaced. This is not possible with permanent hair loss. The only solution to permanent hair loss is hair transplantation.

    Different techniques are used for hair transplant. FUE hair transplant technique is the most commonly used hair transplant method in hair transplant. In this technique, firstly, the hair follicles in the donor area are collected individually with special tips. The collected hair follicles are put on hold. Canals are opened to add these hair follicles to the balding area. The hair follicles taken from the donor area are transferred to these canals one by one.

    Successful hair transplant is necessary for the preparation of the person. People who have hair transplant should pay attention to some points before and after the operation.

    Before Hair Transplant

    Things to Consider Before Hair Transplant

    6 things to consider before hair transplant: 


    1. Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Center

    For the successful hair transplant, the doctor and the center where the procedure is performed are very important. The tools used in the center where the process will be carried out should be the latest technology products. It is very important that the person performing the operation is an expert and experienced in the field. Esthetic Hair Turkey serves with its expert team and the latest technology tools.

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    2. Smoking and Alcohol Use Before Hair Transplant

    Smoking and alcohol should be suspended at least one week before hair transplantation. Since smoking increases the risk of complications during the operation, smoking should be stopped before the procedure.


    3. Health History Before Hair Implantation

    Before deciding on hair transplant, the person's health history is examined. If the person has a disease, the doctor who is interested in the disease should be asked whether hair transplant can be performed. If a person has a regular medication and any allergies, he / she should tell the doctor.


    4. Hygiene Before Hair Transplant

    Since the hair will not be washed for three days after the hair transplant, it is recommended to bathe before the operation. Care must be taken to ensure that the hair is clean and that no chemicals such as conditioner or jelly are applied to the hair.


    5. Comfort Before Hair Implant

    Since hair transplant is a long process, one should not starve before the procedure. In addition, easy-to-wear clothes such as shirts should be preferred in order to change their clothes easily after the operation and not to touch their clothes in the transplanted areas.


    6. Hair Transplant Prices

    Hair transplant prices are the most important criteria for deciding whether or not to perform the operation. Very high hair transplant prices may discourage the patient from the idea of this operation. Very low prices may make the patient uneasy about the quality of hair transplant. Hair transplant prices vary according to many factors.

    The main factors that change hair transplant costs are;

    • Prices may vary according to the expertise and experience of the physician who will perform hair transplant. Hair transplant by a highly qualified and recognized doctor may not be the same price as a physician who does not have enough experience.

    • Prices vary according to hair transplant center.

    • Prices will vary according to the technical and tools to be used in hair transplant. FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant prices are different from each other. Sapphire FUE hair transplant and FUE hair transplant prices are also different from each other. Sapphire FUE hair transplant Sapphire tips are used instead of steel tips used in FUE hair transplant.

    • The size of the bald area and the number of sessions required by the patient also affect prices. Even if the majority of hair transplant is performed in a single session, some patients may require more than one session. In patients with a large area of balding area, one session is not enough to cover this area. Therefore, a second session is needed. The price of hair transplant with one session and hair transplant with two sessions may not be the same.

    • Prices vary from year to year of hair transplant.

    • Prices vary depending on the city or country where the operation will be performed. Hair transplant is very expensive in some countries, while in some countries at very reasonable prices. Due to the reasonable prices, many people travel to different countries only for hair transplant.

    Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

    Turkey is a country which has made much in the name of medical tourism. Each year, millions of tourists come to Turkey for treatment. Hair transplant is one of these areas. One reason for the preference for Turkey are so many affordable prices. Hair transplant prices in Turkey are quite affordable. Not only do prices in successful operations in Turkey has become a country more preferred.

    Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul

    Istanbul is a city of medical tourism in Turkey's most preferred. Hair transplant prices in Istanbul are quite economical. Many successful doctors and hair transplant centers are in Istanbul. Istanbul is also very advantageous in terms of transportation. Located in northwestern Turkey and the other half in half of the territory of the Istanbul Asia is a continent of Europe. Istanbul is very close to many European countries. There are two international airports in the city. Esthetic Hair Turkey airport transfer and accommodation package will do your best to make you a comfortable hair transplant process.


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    Esthetic Hair Turkey is with you at all stages of hair transplant. You can contact us for hair transplant in our center.