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  • What is Hair Analysis in Hair Transplant? How To Do?

    Hair affects the appearance of the person. When hair loss begins, various methods are tried to end this condition. Which method is best for hair should be decided by hair analysis. The experts determine the area to be transplanted, the quality of the hair, the structure and the density of the hair in the donor area. With this analysis, hair transplantation is planned. Hair loss is determined by hair analysis in the place where the person lives.


    Problems Detected by Hair Analysis

    In order to understand the types of hair loss, it is important to have a hair analysis done. With hair analysis, you can learn the type of hair loss and take precautions accordingly. Some problems that can be detected in this analysis;

    • Hair loss,
    • Hair color and body disorder
    • Dandruff,
    • Dullness and Hardness,
    • Ringworm and
    • Seborrheic dermatitis.

    Among these problems, hair loss should be given the most attention. Hair loss is what happens to many people. Every healthy person's hair is shed at regular intervals and then comes out again. The problem with permanent hair loss is that the hair does not grow again. The earlier the analysis is performed, the sooner the treatment is started.


    How To Do It?

    It is not a case that one can do the analysis on his own. Analysis should be done by experts. This analysis is performed free of charge in hair transplantation centers. It is quite simple and takes a very short time.

    In the analysis, the patient's hair history is evaluated first. Questions such as how long the complaint persists in the reception of hair history, whether or not this situation is seen in the family and the person's disease history are asked. Then physical examination is performed. In the physical examination, the doctor examines the scalp and roots. Various tests may be requested depending on the situation. The hair analysis test is then performed and the person's hair is examined.

    It can be performed in two ways: Tricoscope and Loupe. With the help of the lenses inside the loupe, the hair follicles are clearly visible. In this way, your hair problem can be easily identified by the doctor. The tricoscope has a camera at one end. With this instrument connected to the computer, the doctor and patient can easily see the hair follicle and scalp.

    Advantages of Hair Analysis

    • In the vast majority of people with hair loss problems, this problem is caused by male pattern hair loss. In addition to genetic hair loss, stress, hormonal disorders, nutritional deficiencies can also cause hair loss. Whether hair loss is caused by genetic or other reasons is best understood by hair analysis.
    • The analysis allows to see if the treatment is working.
    • Facilitates the diagnosis of the disease.
    • Provides a clear view of the size of baldness.
    • It is possible to determine the correct diagnosis and treatment of hair problems with hair analysis.


    In order to perform hair transplantation operations successfully, the center where the procedure will be performed is very important. Esthetic Hair Turkey is guaranteed 100% success in hair transplantation. Hair transplant at our center in Turkey at the forefront of the quest, you can contact us if you want to have a hair transplant.


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