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  • What is the Donor Area in Hair Transplant?

    In the field of donor medicine, tissue, blood or organ is defined as the person or region that gives. This term is used in many fields of medicine. In hair transplant, the place called donor area is the area where the hair follicles will be taken. Hair roots are taken from this area and added to the area where hair loss occurs.

    Before transplanting, the hair is analyzed and the number of roots and the adequacy of the donor area are determined. If there is not enough hair follicles in the donor area, healthy planting is not performed. Hair transplantation donor area insufficiency makes the procedure difficult to perform. The number of hair follicles in the donor area should be sufficient for sowing. Apart from the number of hair, it is also important that the hair is taken correctly. When removing hair roots, care should be taken not to damage the surrounding hair.


    How to Decide Donor Area in Hair Transplantation?

    The donor area to be selected must be selected from the region arranged so as not to cause hair loss and baldness. The nape of the back of the head is made of hair that is programmed not to fall out. This area is therefore ideal for use as a donor site. The boundaries of the posterior part of the head used as donor sites may vary.

    In hair transplantation, the donor area is usually the back of the head. Hair roots are collected from this area between the two ears. Nape is not the only area used as a donor site. If necessary, hairs under the chin, legs, shoulders or chest can also be used as donor sites. However, transplantation from the body hair is not preferred. These regions are not used as donor areas except where necessary. The first choice as the donor region is the back of the head, ie the neck. The lower and upper jaw area is preferred when the nape is insufficient for hair follicle. If the jaw area is not sufficient for hair transplantation, the chest area is preferred as the donor area. The donor site is decided by looking at the patient's hair structure, hair quality and density.


    Donor Region in Hair Transplantation Process

    As the first procedure in hair transplantation, hair grafts are collected individually from the donor area. This should be done with great care and care. The grafts from the donor area are kept for hair transplantation. Then the hair loss is transferred to the channel opened in the region.

    Donor Zone After Hair Transplantation

    The donor area is dressed after the procedures are completed. The dressing remains until the first wash. The first washing is carried out by experts at the hair transplantation center. After the first wash, antibiotic pomades are applied to the area and then the area is left open. In the first wash, the patient is explained how to carry out the subsequent washings. During washing, the donor area should be treated gently.

    Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, no pain is felt during the operation. However, after the procedure, there may be pain in the donor area. For this, doctors usually give painkillers. Apart from the pain, redness, crusting and itching may occur in the donor area. It is important that the person does not scratch his head and does not remove the shells himself. Initial crusting should be expected to fall off on their own. During the hair transplant donor area healing process, care should be taken to avoid any impact to the zone. Extreme heavy spores should not be done and care should be taken not to sweat.


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