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  • Women's Hair Transplant Cost

    As the demand for hair transplant for women grows, the curiosity to know women’s hair transplant cost grows a long with it. Gone are the days when only men would be getting a hair transplant to fix their balding issues. As the world advances and we head to a more technologically advanced time, women have also begun opting for hair transplants to fix their hair issues. More and more women now want to know the female hair transplant cost just like men. The most commonly asked question about cost is hairline surgery cost female.

    Hair Transplant for women

    There are multiple reasons for hair loss in women. Thyroid diseases, hormonal causes, irregularities, stress, birth, accident, genetic and seasonal changes may cause hair loss. The person alone cannot understand the cause of hair loss. For this reason, you should consult a specialist for the analysis of your hair to determine the cause of hair loss.

    To prevent hair loss, you should first understand the cause of the hair loss. After detecting the cause of the hair loss, you should get a quote on women’s hair transplant cost and opt for the most suitable treatment. Any treatment of genetic and pattern hair loss will not work because the hair shed for these reasons are permanently shed. The only and definite solution for a woman to regain her natural hair is hair transplant.

    Keep reading to find out more about female hair transplant cost and how the procedure is carried out.

    Hairline Transplant for Women

    Just how male’s pattern baldness starts from the hairline, female pattern baldness starts from the top of the head and the hairline. Permanent hair loss in women usually occurs in the form of hair thinning in the top of the head. Hence, hair transplant in women is mostly common in hairline and top of the head. These are the two parts that women want to know the female hair transplant cost about.

    Besides the pattern baldness, women may also opt for hair transplant for female androgenetic alopecia. Most women are afraid of shaving their hair for the transplant since it affects their whole appearance. The newer, more modern technology allows women to have a transplant without shaving their hair with almost the same women’s hair transplant cost. 

    Hair Transplant Process for Women

    Hair transplant operations for women are almost the same as for men. The only difference is that women do not want to have their hair cut completely while they have hair transplantation. Although shaving the hair may not be a problem for men, most women do not prefer it. Therefore, unshaved hair transplant is generally preferred for women. Operations performed with this hair transplantation method are quite easy. There is no need to stay in the hospital after the operation. The patient can continue her daily life as she wishes. However, she should pay attention to the after care as advised by the surgeon and make sure she avoids blow drying the hair.

    Women’s hair transplant cost

    Women’s hair transplant cost depends on numerous factors such as

    • City and country where the transplant will take place
    • The clinic or hospital where the transplant will be performed
    • Experience and qualification of the doctor that will be performing the surgery
    • Techniques, tools and equipment that will be used to do the transplant
    • Services in addition to hair transplant such as transfers, accommodation etc.

    Female hair transplant cost varies from person to person. This is because everyone’s hair loss level is different. Women’s hair transplant cost will increase as the donor and receiver area increases.

    Female hair transplant cost in Turkey

    Women’s hair transplant cost in Turkey is quite affordable as compared to other countries. Although the female hair transplant cost is low, the quality that Turkey offers is top-notch. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey usually offer their prices as a package including accommodation, transfers, medicines and surgery. This way, patients coming from abroad for hair transplant have a more comfortable hair transplant process.

    Women’s hair transplant cost in Istanbul

    Istanbul is the most preferred city in Turkey for medical tourism. It is also Turkey’s most populous city.  The city has a particularly remarkable geographical location. Half of the province is in Asia and the other half is in Europe. Istanbul is very close to many European countries. Female hair transplant cost in Istanbul is quite reasonable.

    Esthetic Hair Turkey continues to grow as the best hair transplant clinic. We do it by serving thousands of patients under the most sanitary and hygienic environment. It aims to make sure each patient that steps in the clinic leaves feeling satisfied and content. Every treatment is performed by exceedingly experienced doctors and staff that have been trained abroad.

    Best surgeon for women’s hair transplant in Istanbul

    Esthetic Hair Turkey is the best female hair transplant clinic in Turkey and has the most highly qualified and experienced doctors that guarantee top-notch aesthetic health care. It takes pride in following international standards using the most advanced technology and equipment to ensure our patients from all around the world feel comfortable. For hair transplant for women, it is currently the top choice in Turkey. We cater to all patients with all hair types and ensure great results with affordable women’s hair transplant cost.


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