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  • Front Hairline Design in Hair Transplantation

    Hair transplantation is a difficult operation. So it is very important to do it correctly. The right front hairline design makes the hair transplant look natural. False designs give the person an artificial appearance. Therefore, the front line of the hair should be designed in a unique way. Since everyone's face shape is different, the hair front line should also be different. Proper hairline design should be carried out by experts.

    How should natural-looking hair transplantation be?

    For the natural-looking hair transplantation, it is important that the hair is transplanted at regular intervals. When the person is looked after the operation, it should not be understood that his hair is planting.

    It is very important that hair transplantation takes place at the right angle. The hair that is not added at the right angle gives the person the appearance of a grass man.

    The front part of the hair is one of the most striking areas. Therefore, it is very important to design this region correctly. There are some methods used to design the front hairline. The most preferred of these is to design the front hairline by measuring. The results are better and natural in the design of the front hairline determined by measurement.

    Front Hairline Design Considerations

    Multiple factors should be considered when designing hairline. One of these factors is the size of the area where hair loss occurs. Another factor is the direction of hair growth.

    Front hairline design is where art meets science. Aesthetic view is very important in the design of this line. The better the design capability of the specialist who will perform the operation, the better the hairline suits the person. For an accurate and natural hairline design, an expert with an aesthetic view is required.

    The front hairline should be calculated taking into account the physical characteristics of the person. After transplanting, the front hairline should be designed to fit the head and face to make the hair look natural. In people with a large head structure, the front hairline should be joined at a wide angle to the temples. In people with narrow head structure, the hairline should be designed as concave.

    Hairline design varies by gender. The front hairline design in women is more oval and straight than in men.

    Front Hairline Design How?

    The most important part of hair transplantation is to make the hair look as natural as possible. This natural image can best be achieved with the front hairline design. When starting the front hairline design, first the rising section on the forehead and the lower boundary in the horizontal area on the head and the point of this boundary that comes to the center of the forehead are determined. This point is the center of the hairline. The 45th degree of inclination that connects the scalp and face and provides a vertical transition from horizontal to horizontal forms the boundary of the hairline. Nevertheless, this point should be sloped down the profile in a V-shape and the direction of hair growth must be determined correctly. The angle of the so-called temporal cavities formed on both sides of the V-shape in the anterior hair line should be equal to each other. The finish line of the hair should be adjusted according to the age and facial structure of the person. If the recesses in the hair front line are too far in, the person continues to look bald.


    With Esthetic Hair Turkey, hairline design is done in a natural way. Our center, which provides services with its expert staff, aims at 100% customer satisfaction. You can make an appointment with us for the natural hair transplant that best suits you. You can also get an idea of ​​the process by looking at the photos before and after the hair transplant front hairline.


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