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    The question of whether hair loss is experienced after hair transplant is one of the most curious questions for anyone considering hair transplantation. We have prepared this article in order to eliminate the question marks on your mind. Transplanted hair falls out? Keep reading for learn.

    One person has an average of 100 hair loss per day. The number of unhealthy hair loss is much more. There are many different causes of hair loss. Hormonal disorders, nutritional deficiencies, stress or genetics may cause hair loss.

    How to Determine Hair Loss Level

    • If there is a high number of hair loss,
    • If your hair continues to dilute visibly,
    • If the shedding hair does not replace new ones,
    • If your hair grows thinner and weaker, you should consult a specialist. Your specialist will make the necessary analyzes and determine your hair loss level and cause.

    Is Hair Loss Possible After Hair Transplant?

    For hair transplantation, the hair that has been transferred to the region where hair loss is experienced is selected specially. These selected hair follicles are selected from the donor area which is coded to avoid hair loss. Nape is generally preferred as donor site. There is almost no chance of shedding the hair added from here. Therefore, if the hair transplantation operation is performed successfully, there will be no shedding in the transplanted hair. There is no problem with hair loss after Fue hair transplant.

    Hair Loss After Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant is not only a process that ends with the operation. You must be patient for the results of sowing. It takes an average of 1 year to see the results of the transaction. It is also possible for this period to pass faster. For this, care must be taken to comply with the instructions given by the doctor. After planting, the hair should not be hit. Newly clinged hair may die if it gets hit. This causes the hair to not grow again. Failing hair transplant operations can also occur in the hair loss.

    Approximately one to two weeks after the hair transplantation, the hair starts to fall out. During this shedding process, patients may be concerned that their planted hair is completely shed. But there is no need to worry about it. Hair loss after planting, called shock loss, is a common process seen in every patient. This spill is not permanent. Shedding hair replaces more lush and healthy hair.

    Shock Loss After Hair Transplant

    The majority of patients go to their doctors with great concern after the shedding after the operation. However, the shock shedding is a part of the hair transplantation process. Shock shedding is the hair loss that occurs in the planting area. Everyone can challenge in different ways. Shock spilling occurs in almost all people who undergo the operation. But some people may never experience it. Shock spill time may be shorter in some patients and longer in some patients. Spill time may occur early in some patients, but later in some patients. In short, shock shedding time and amount may vary due to reasons such as hair structure and amount of hair transplanted. If you encounter an unexpected situation after hair transplantation, for example, if you experience hair loss after 1 year of hair transplant, you should consult your doctor.

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