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  • Before and After Hair Transplant in Women

    As the demand for hair transplant for men increases, women have also stepped up to enhance their physical appearance with a transplant to bring a difference with women hair transplant before and after. As the world moves towards a more technologically advanced society, women have also begun considering hair transplant to fix their hair related issues as hair transplant is a permanent solution and hair is the most precious jewel for a woman. Whether it is a black female hair transplant before and after or a blonde female hair transplant, the before and after visuals will always be compelling.

    There are multiple reasons why women face hair loss such as medicines, menopause, drugs, vitamin deficiencies, stress, hormonal imbalance and using poor quality cosmetic products. All of these problems can be fixed with different treatments. Hence, the type of treatment will always vary from person to person. The different hair transplant methods include FUE, DHI, unshaven hair transplant and sapphire FUE. All these techniques are effective and will give great women hair transplant before and after results. 

    There are some things to consider for women hair transplant before and after prior to getting your transplant. Keep reading to find out more about it.

    Procedure of women hair transplant  

    Before the transplant, you will make an appointment with your doctor through your consultant where the doctor will examine your hair and determine the level of hair loss. The doctor will also determine how many hair follicles you need and then decide the donor site based on that. Once that is done, he will come up with a design for your scalp and you get to pick one design that you think will suit the best in women hair transplant before and after results.

    After all of this, the hair transplant process starts. It starts with a local anesthesia to ensure the procedure  is pain free and smooth. After anesthesia, the surgeon will start collecting the grafts from your donor site and keep them for the transplant. He will then open the channels and plant the follicles in the receiver area that is facing hair loss. The transplantation of grafts will be individual. Lastly, the bandaging of the donor area will take place and you are good to go.

    Although the process may vary slightly depending on the type of hair transplant procedure, the overall process will more or less be similar.

    Women hair transplant before and after

    There are a number of factors to consider when women hair transplant before and after is concerned. Firstly, make sure that you are choosing a qualified and experienced doctor for your transplant as the experience of your doctor will determine the end result of your transplant. After that, rule out any hereditary or non hereditary diseases that you may have to determine the cause of the hair loss. Once this is determined, prepare yourself for the transplant by quitting any blood thinners one week before the transplant as it can cause a blood leak during the operation. Alcohol, cigarettes and certain medication acts as blood thinners and should be avoided before the surgery. All these factors fall under precautions before the hair transplant.

    For a hair transplant, the most highly preferred technique is FUE since it does not require any incisions and guarantees healing of the scalp with no scars. The doctor will quote you a price according to the number of grafts you would need during your transplant. The number of grafts will determine how women hair transplant before and after will look.

    After the transplant, the first wash is done at the hair transplantation centre with accuracy and attention to detail. The doctor does it himself at the clinic since the risk of new transplanted hair follicles rupturing and falling is very high. The first wash significantly reduces redness and crusting. After the first wash, the patient can wash his hair himself gently with a mild shampoo. The transplanted hair will shed approximately two weeks after the hair transplant. This stage is called shock loss. Once the hair sheds, the new healthier ones will grow eventually. You will be able to see the exact women hair transplant before and after results one year after the operation.

    How to make the recovery faster?

    You can make the recovery process faster by following your doctor’s after care instructions properly. It is very normal for the patient to have swelling, crusting, itching and redness after the transplant. The first wash greatly reduces the crusts and redness. After the transplant, you should completely avoid touching the crusts and allow the shells to fall off on their own. If you try to peel the crusts and shells, the hair follicles may also fall off along with the shells. However, if your itching and crusting gets unbearable, its best to see your doctor.

    You should use the products such as medicines, shampoo, hair spray etc. prescribed by your doctor only. . Do not use any product on the hair without the doctor’s knowledge. Moreover, gently massaging the scalp will help the blood flow in the scalp and promote recovery. However, make sure you are massaging very gently to avoid damaging the roots.  Consume vitamins and a nutritious diet. Avoid alcohol and smoking to promote healthy growth of your hair.  All these factors will ensure you get the best women hair transplant before and after results.


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