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    As the demand for hair transplant in Turkey increases, demand for beard transplant rises too increasing the curiosity about beard transplant cost Turkey among men. It is undeniable that beard is one of the most important physical facial features for a man. Thicker beard is considered more masculine and attractive, which is why some of the most well known celebrities have a thick beard such as George Clooney, Drake and Keanu Reeves.  Lack of growth of beard causes severe self esteem issues among men. This gives rise to the number of people wanting a beard transplant.

    What is a beard transplant?

    A beard transplant is that one permanent solution that will help fix all your beard issues. Different equipments and techniques are used depending on the problems with the beard. The process is similar to the process of hair transplant. In a beard transplant, the doctor takes the follicles from the back of your hair and transplants it into your beard area. Beard transplant price Turkey depends on the donor and receiver area and how many grafts you will need.

    Who is eligible for a beard transplant?

    There is no criteria for getting a beard transplant. However, most patients that opt for a beard transplant do it for the following reasons.

    • Transgenders wanting to change their sex.
    • People with generally sparse beard.
    • Any accidents or diseases that may have caused the beard to shed.
    • People who can not grow beard naturally due to genetic disorders.

    Different people need different amount of grafts and techniques depending on the reason of their facial hair loss. All these factors affect the beard transplant cost Turkey.

    Beard transplant Process

    Beard transplantation is the process of transplanting the hair follicles from one’s own scalp to the beard. No one else’s hair will be used in the transplant. You will not feel any pain during the procedure as you will be given local anesthesia. During the beard transplant process, your surgeon will collect the required number of follicles from the donor area. He will then keep them for transplanting, open the channels in the region of transplant and then transplant the hair roots into the open canals.

    It will not take you long to recover from the transplant. ou can continue with your daily life almost instantly after the beard transplant without any interruption. Beard transplant procedure does not take as long as hair transplant procedure because unlike hair transplants, beard transplant do not require transplanting too many hair.

    Recently, due to the technological advancements, surgeons have started using the DHI technique for beard transplants. Your surgeon will determine it according to the hair growth method. However, the doctor determines a method according to the number of grafts the patient needs. In this process, the doctor analyzes the color of the beard with the grafts taken from the donor area. If there is inequality, these beards move away from the natural look. Therefore, the patient should work together with the specialist doctor. After these examinations, your doctor will give you a quote on beard transplant cost Turkey.

    Beard Transplant cost Turkey

    Turkey is currently one of the top countries attracting attention in the field of medical tourism. Every year, millions of people come to Turkey for health tourism. Beard planting coincided with quite affordable beard transplant price Turkey have made Turkey an attractive option for hair and beard transplants. Beard transplant doctors in Turkey are highly qualified, experienced and professional. With their experience, they ensure a safe procedure and speedy recovery of patients.

    Beard Transplant Costs in Turkey


    Factors affecting beard transplant price Turkey

    There are many factors affecting the beard transplant price Turkey. Some of these factors include

    • The centre where the transplant will take place
    • The doctor who will perform the transplant
    • The city and country where the hair transplantation will take place
    • Number of hair follicles that the doctor will transplant
    • Method of beard transplant such as DHI, FUE and FUT
    • Additional services such as transport and accommodation.

    Beard Transplant cost Turkey vs Mexico

    Beard transplant cost Turkey and Mexico is significantly cheaper as compared to rest of the world especially as compared to United States with a difference of 65%. Transplant costs around the world are very high, which makes patient look for other alternatives. Beard Transplant cost in Mexico is way cheaper than USA and UK. Turkey, however, is almost the same in terms of prices. Beard transplant price Turkey is not very different from prices in Mexico. As affordable as both of these countries are, both Mexico and Turkey offer high quality of treatments despite the lower charge.

    The reason why beard transplant cost Turkey and Mexico is low is because in these two countries, the wages are lower and the currency is not very high either.

    Beard Transplant costs in Istanbul

    In beard transplant, Istanbul is the most preferred city in Turkey. Istanbul is also Turkey’s most populous city. We can say that Istanbul is the heart of the country. There are two international airports in the city, which will make sure you do not face any problems with transport. Istanbul is also a city that attracts attention with its historical buildings. 

    One of the most important factors influencing people’s decision of choosing a doctor is the cost. Most people try searching for the cheapest hair transplant not considering the fact that the doctor could be unqualified or inexperienced. Currently, Turkey is on top of its game when it comes to medical tourism and offers great beard transplant price Turkey for hair transplant.  Hair transplant cost Turkey is influenced by many factors. In Turkey, you will find great deals for very low prices, which is highly unlikely to be found anywhere in the world.

    At Esthetic Hair Turkey, we provide all inclusive deals for you including accommodation, transportation, hair transplant and medical treatment at a very reasonable beard transplant price Turkey. The reason why majority of the people prefer flying to Turkey to get aesthetic treatments done is because Turkish doctors are very experienced and provide good results along with affordable beard transplant price Turkey.


    Beard Transplant Costs in Turkey


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