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  • What is Mustache Transplant?

    Facial hair are one of the most important facial features for the appearance of a man, which is why mustache transplant is becoming very common. More and more people want to know about mustache transplant cost as it is the only solution for people who do not have facial hair due to multiple reasons. Influencers on social media and celebrities are now donning fuller, thicker mustache and beard more than ever before. Global sensations such as Keanu Reeves, Idris Elba and George Clooney have all influenced the audience to bring back facial hair in fashion.

    There are many reasons why some men are unable to grow a mustache or have a sparse mustache. These reasons are age, diet, testosterone levels, genetics etc. The lack of mustache can cause severe self esteem issues among men. This is why facial hair transplant is gaining popularity. Men are now confidently opting for procedures to enhance their physical appearance. In facial hair transplant, the doctor will take hair follicles from the donor area, which is nape and then he will transplant it where the facial hair is sparse.

    Procedure of mustache transplant

    Facial hair transplant is almost the same as a hair transplant but it requires more attention to detail. Doctors will always perform it under local anesthesia making it a painless process. As compared to a hair transplant, this requires lesser time depending on the amount of grafts needed. The first step is to determine how many grafts a patient will need. The numbers of grafts will also determine mustache transplant cost Then, the doctor will remove the hair follicles from the donor area and prepare them for the transplant. Once that is done, he will open the channels for the transplantation of hair in the areas where the roots will be placed. Lastly, the grafts will be placed and you will be bandaged.

    Mustache transplant before and after:

    It is extremely crucial to follow your doctor’s instruction after the transplant. The first week is known as the fastest recovery week.  Redness, itching or tenderness may occur in the mustache and donor areas after the operation. These and similar effects usually pass within 1 week. Recovery after the transplant takes about 10 days. The area of transplant becomes very crusty and red. It is due to blood clotting. Your doctor will wash your hair first time in the clinic after the transplant and that will significantly reduce itching and redness. The reason why doctors carry out the first wash at the clinic is because there is a high risk of the detachment of the hair follicles.

    About two weeks after the transplant, the grafts will begin to fall and this stage is known as “shock loss.” Although patients worry about this stage, this is common in all patients. All the fallen grafts quickly get replaced by new facial hair after a few months. Patients are advised to get proper rest for the first three days and not wash their facial hair. After the third day, facial hair can be washed gently with an extremely mild shampoo. However, any activity that can make you sweat such as saunas, sports, exposure to sunlight should be avoided altogether for at least 14 days. You should treat facial hair transplant the same way as a normal hair transplant.

    Advantages of facial hair transplant

    There are various advantages of a facial hair transplant including;

    • Your mustache will look thick yet natural.
    • After the transplant, you can style and shave your mustache however you want to.
    • Besides the mustache, you can also get transplant for your sideburns, beard and cheeks.
    • Mustache transplant cost is very affordable as compared to other transplants as it requires lesser grafts.

    Mustache transplant cost in Turkey

    Most of the people consider mustache transplant cost the deciding factor for choosing the surgeon for their transplant. Turkey, in general offers lower mustache transplant cost as compared to other countries like USA, UK and Europe. However, making a choice based on repute of the doctor is a lot more crucial than making a choice based on the mustache transplant cost since you can not put your physical appearance at risk.

    Mustache transplant cost depends on numerous factors and can vary greatly. These factors include repute of the clinic, quality of the equipment, experience of the doctors. The overall mustache transplant cost depends on the number of grafts that you will need and the condition of your beard.

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    Mustache transplant cost in Turkey

    How to get a natural looking mustache transplant

    Mustache is one of the most important facial features. An unsuccessful mustache operation can risk your whole physical appearance.  An unnatural transplant and appearance of mustache can give severe self esteem issues to men. Hence, it is vital to make sure the transplant looks as natural as possible.

    For the transplant to be natural, it is important to adjust the angle well and to plant the grafts at regular intervals. It is important that the right and left sides of the mustache appear equal to each other. Transplant performed in a successful hair transplantation center will give very good and natural results.

    Esthetic Hair Turkey is the best option in Turkey if you are looking for a facial hair transplant considering both the cost and the quality. Our doctors have more than 10 years of experience in facial hair transplantation so you can be sure that you are in good hands. You will not only enjoy the treatment but also your vacation in Istanbul. Our consultants will get in touch with you and create a customized treatment plan for you depending on which facial hair transplant you need.

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    Especially in modern times, hair is like our identity. Thanks to the fashion and cosmetic industries, our hair styles reflect who we are. However, not everybody is that lucky. Some people face hair loss or a loss in the density of their hair. People, especially men, have hair loss at some point in their lives.

    Also, women complain about the weakness of their hair at some level. This condition makes people have low self-esteem. People who have hair loss generally refer to products in the stores that promise to eliminate hair loss.