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  • What is Hair Loss, How to Tell?

    There are many different causes of hair loss. Seasonal changes, hormone disorders, stress, nutritional deficiencies can cause hair loss.

    The life of a hair strand consists of three stages. These stages are growth, rest and shedding. Growth is the longest part. This is the part where the newly grown hair grows. Every one month, the hair grows on average by 1 centimeter. During the waiting phase, the hair is detached from the follicle. Shed in about 2 to 4 months. Then the new hair comes out. This cycle continues for life.

    What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

    An average of 100 hair loss per day is normal in adults. If hair is shedding more than usual, it means that people have hair loss problems.

    Genetic and Hormonal Problems: Usually seen in men is hair loss. It occurs with age. This hair loss can be slowed down by various treatments. But there is no cure for hair loss. The only way to get old bushy and natural hair is to have hair transplanted.

    Genetic or male-type hair loss, which is called hair loss is seen in men, but today it is a condition that has started to occur in women. Hair loss in women occurs as a result of excess secretion of the male hormone or permanent hair loss is experienced hair transplantation is done.

    Malnutrition: Improper and malnutrition can cause hair loss in people. Especially vitamin and iron deficiencies cause weakening of hair follicles and hair loss. Treatment of hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies is possible. When the person's nutrition is improved and necessary vitamins, folic acid, iron and so on. hair loss problem is eliminated. New hair grows healthy

    Diseases: Some diseases can cause hair loss in people. People may experience hair loss as a result of diseases such as thyroid deficiency and diabetes. In this case, the disease must be treated first to stop the spill.

    Birth: Hair loss may occur after birth. This treatment can be prevented by a doctor-controlled treatment.


    Stress: Excessive stress and demoralization is a condition that causes hair loss. Depression and anxiety can cause hair loss in people. Morale is a very good treatment for this type of spill.

    Chemical: Excessive use of chemical substances (gel, dye, etc.) on the hair may cause spills. Breaks and spills occur on hair exposed to excessive heat other than chemical.

    Hair Loss Treatment

    The correct diagnosis is very important for the treatment of hair loss. For this reason, it is necessary to understand the causes of hair loss. It is therefore essential to see a doctor. Once the cause of hair loss is determined, the appropriate treatment method is ended.

    During treatment, the patient should be careful to avoid any chemical or heat that could damage her hair. Nutrition is another issue to be considered. It should take care to consume nutrients that are beneficial for hair.

    If the cause of a person's hair loss is genetic, then any treatment will not work. Any remedy for hair that doesn't replace after shedding is useless. Those who experience permanent hair loss can get rid of this condition and have old bushy hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a highly successful operation. The process achieves very natural results. In this way, a person who does not know that the operation is performed does not understand that the hair is planting.

    With Esthetic Hair Turkey, your hair gets a more lush and natural look than before. If you want to have hair transplantation in our center and you want to have more detailed information about hair transplant costs, you can contact us.

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